Bitcoin Poker Gains Momentum through CoinGaming, Breakout Gaming

Brocoin Gaming

The Bitcoin casino market is not the only gambling niche that is warmly received by the online betting community. Bitcoin poker is another, and it continues to stimulate the interests of many, even resulting in the integration of poker rooms to the services offered by several Bitcoin casino brands.

Bitcoin poker on CoinGaming platforms

The launching of the Coin Poker Network is a testament to this trend., one of the leading software providers in Bitcoin gambling, recently announced its partnership with InstaDeal Poker, which made possible the addition of a Bitcoin poker room to its list of gambling solutions offered.

With the InstaDeal Poker’s network solution on board, CoinGaming now has the ability to equip all the Bitcoin casinos it powers up to offers their customers the privilege to play poker with Bitcoin and compete in tournaments against players within the network.

InstaDeal CEO Stefan Olsson said:

“The creation of the Coin Poker Network with the InstaDeal product allows them to offer their customers shared player liquidity, fast-fold poker and mobile products very quickly.”

According to CoinGaming, on the other hand, its decision to offer Bitcoin poker to its supported brands like is a reflection of the increase in the use of Bitcoin among online poker bettors.

Brocoin GamingLow reception for BRO coin

This increase, however, failed to translate to positive results for the first initial coin offering (ICO) of Breakout Gaming for its exclusive cryptocurrency Breakout coin (BRO).

With 1,000 BTC worth of coins expected to be sold from Oct. 21 to Nov. 19, only 387 BTC were raised, hinting a dismal start for the project backed by world poker stars Johnny Chan, Huck Seed, Ted Forrest, Todd Brunson, Jennifer Harman, and Vladimir Shchemelev.

Poker GameThe small turnout, however, was attributed by Gian Perroni, marketing head of Breakout Gaming, to the fluctuating price of Bitcoin, which, he said in a report, had influenced potential buyers to delay their purchase.

Breakout Gaming is destined to provide a new kind of cryptocurrency gambling a few notches higher than what a typical Bitcoin casino can offer. It will run on the BRO coin only, which can be availed through Bitcoin and fiat money.

Online poker, casino, fantasy sports, and eSports are among the gambling services it is designed to offer on its platform. However, with the first ICO only able to generate a third of its expected value, some players cannot help questioning if the online gambling industry is, indeed, ready for a gambling website that exclusively runs on an altcoin like the BRO coin.

Nonetheless, Breakout Gaming will be another venue for avid players to experience a new kind of online poker betting.