Bitcoin Roulette Game CoinGG Debuts, Outs Bitcoin Giveaway

Coingg debuts in the online gaming industry with a bang!

This roulette betting site started making a buzz in the community of Bitcoin bettors with its introductory Bitcoin giveaway, which is set to award the first 100 players who will post in its thread on with 0.5 mBTC each starting May 17.

While the promotion proved to be a success based on the response on the Bitcoin forum, CoinGG is poised to attract bettors regardless because it has the makings of a prime-quality online Bitcoin roulette game, which it describes as beautiful, clever, generous, swift, fair, and secure.

The newcomer CoinGG boasts state-of-the-art technology in providing and maintaining a betting performance that is parallel to those of established Bitcoin casinos online, and therefore, it manages to offer premium roulette betting on the web, highlighting key features and services essential for a seamless betting experience.

However, the lone feature that makes it stand out among the rest of the Bitcoin casino games is the ability of players to invest in the platform and earn a share of the total house profits from every win and loss. This means that the larger the investment is, the higher the profits will be; although the maximum profit a player can receive from a bet is limited to 2% of the house’s bankroll.

Aside from this, this Bitcoin roulette game also comes with a referral program that enables bettors to earn as much as 500 mBTC over time based on the total amount of bitcoins wagered by their successful referrals.

Meanwhile, the team behind CoinGG has also equipped its Bitcoin roulette with gaming features that are expected to attract more players, especially online roulette enthusiasts. The user-friendly betting interface that comes with the Autospin feature is a sure winner among avid bettors.

Working together in pushing this Bitcoin roulette game in the popularity race are the features provably fair gaming, instant and anonymous gaming without registration, and guaranteed fund security with the use of cold storages.