Bitcoin Roulette Tips: What Should Players Do?

Everyone has what it takes to be one of the successful Bitcoin roulette players. Someone who is good at the game does not need to do many complicated calculations in order to predict where the ball will land.

Good players follow a set of simple guidelines that can increase their chances of winning. These guidelines can help many players enjoy the game.

Pick provably fair or live dealer roulette

Before playing any Bitcoin roulette game, players should make sure the result of the game is authentic. It is virtually impossible to know if a casino is controlling a roulette game to keep someone from getting a big win. An excellent way of getting a good chance of winning a great payout is to play a roulette game that offers authentic results. The types of game that offer these are provably fair and live dealer roulette.

mBit Casino live roulette games

Provably fair roulette is common in many popular fiat and Bitcoin casinos such as Winward Casino and Golden Euro. The provably fair feature can show a player if the results were genuinely random. Players can see the seeds or codes that the game uses to create a random number.

When it comes to authentic results, live roulette games from casinos like 1xBit and mBit Casino  are able to deliver them in spades. This game consists of a live streaming video of a croupier that spins a ball around a roulette wheel. The result of the game comes from a ball that follows real world physics and not any programmable code.

Choose a 2:1 payout wager

There are two basic bet locations in roulette: inside and outside bets. Outside bets are the ones that have a good chance of winning such as the colored bet and even/odd bet.  Inside bets, on the other hand, are very risky, but most of them have a good payout rate. A good practice is to consistently place low-value chips on bets that have a 2:1 payout.

The bets that have the 2:1 payout rate are the ‘dozens’ and ‘row’ bets. The probability of winning a bet that has a 50/50 chance of winning is actually 46.40 percent on an American table and 48.60 percent on a European table. A 2:1 bet has a probability of 31.58 percent on an American table and 32.40 percent on a European table. The bet that wins two times a player’s bet has more than half of the probability of winning a 50/50 outside bet makes them a better choice.

Set a win limit

Players could lose their winnings if they do not know when to stop playing roulette.  The longer bettors play online roulette, the higher the chances are that they will lose the entire bankroll. Players are advised to set a limit that they must strictly follow. This means that if they reach a certain number of wins or losses, they must end their session and play some other time instead. This way, they can enjoy their winnings and minimize losses.