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Bitcoin Yields Advantages That Benefit Bettors

Cryptocurrency bets are now deemed to go beyond fiat betting as numerous advantages of Bitcoin in online casinos emerge in the niche.

Advantages of Bitcoin in Online Casinos

Online casino venues are constantly battling against efficient contenders ever since Bitcoin casinos emerged in the iGaming industry. Equipped with never before seen characteristics and gambling features, Bitcoin-powered betting venues have certainly captured the curiosity of online bettors.

However, Bitcoin casinos are not built just for show. In fact, these venues boast obvious advantages that bring conventional online casinos back to the Stone Age. Here are some of the best advantages of Bitcoin in online casinos:


Little did iGaming business know that anonymity holds great impact on the interests of online gamblers. Knowing that registering for an account takes too much time and effort, casino players tend to lose interests the moment they are informed that a venue requires registration. More importantly, players risk their personal and financial information upon signing up for an account in a real-money online casino.

In contrast, Bitcoin casinos do not generally require its members to register for an account. Bitcoin bettors just have to visit the casino’s website and they can immediately bet on their favorite Bitcoin casino games with ease.

The absence of the registration process does not only save time, but it also gives bettors the assurance of their security since no sensitive data like credit card and bank account numbers are going to be compromised. Take note, though, that gamblers still have to register to play, but there is no need to provide details other than an email address and a password.

Bitcoin Casino Features

Instant and secure fund transfers

Another great benefit of using Bitcoin for online gambling is the fact that it allows bettors to experience instant and secure fund deposits and withdrawals.

This advantage was never present in real-money casinos since these venues depend on third-party individuals like banks and money remittance centers to initiate fund transfers.

In this scenario, when a player decides to withdraw funds in an online casino, the venue will then pull out the money from the account, and then transport it to the bank for verification purposes. Once the bank is done with the necessary procedures, it will now deliver the funds to the recipient.

This setup does not only take weeks or months to complete, but it also requires a significant amount as the commission fee, which will be deducted from the players’ end. In effect, fiat betting does require rigorous work.

On the contrary, Bitcoin casinos do not rely on third-party transporters to conduct deposits and withdrawals. Since cryptocurrency operates within the Internet, Bitcoin bettors only need a web connection and the Bitcoin wallet address of the recipient of the funds.

Moreover, the absence of the third-party individuals allows Bitcoin transfers to commence instantly. This means that Bitcoin transactions can be completed in less than a minute.

Ultimately, Bitcoin’s network is secured by military-grade cryptography and every transaction is recorded on a public ledger that is transparent to all users. Therefore, it is impossible to tamper or conduct fraudulent activities within the Bitcoin network.

Fair play guaranteed

Perhaps the greatest advantage of playing in Bitcoin casinos is the fact that most of the betting venues are equipped with a provably fair feature that ensures the integrity and credibility of every game outcome.

This feature utilizes a function called the cryptographic hash or better known as the SHA-256 algorithm, which generates random numbers that determine the authenticity of each result. In essence, this determines if the game was manipulated by the gambling portal through the manual verification of anyone interested.


Long before the iGaming industry embraced the innovations brought by Bitcoin, the niche was tagged as ‘cheats,’ especially in the online gaming department since players are given the notion that there are no possible ways to ensure the fairness of their game results, whether for Bitcoin slots, blackjack, or even video poker.

After all, there is certainly a high possibility that casino operators may have been manipulating the games to keep them eager to place more bets in hope to win large payouts.

Together with Bitcoin’s emergence in the iGaming department, the provably fair feature was made into a reality. This feature also became the focal selling point of these venues to invite more online bettors into the fresh niche.

Bitcoin benefits in action

With the majority of Bitcoin casinos delivering provably fair games, it becomes easier to find casinos that promise authenticity and reliability all throughout, especially those that exhibit the Bitcoin casino advantages to first-time players. CoinRoyale is among the select Bitcoin casinos that enjoy great following due to the spot-on games that guarantee true and unadulterated results.

Compared to other provably fair-powered platforms, this casino has further simplified the process of reviewing game results to aid first time Bitcoin bettors. With instant access, players are now provided with their tamper-proof game results.



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