Bitkup Brings Bitcoin Awareness and Rewards through World Cup 2014

Bitkup Brazil World Cup 2014

A new online betting service currently dedicated for this year’s World Cup in Brazil has been launched to cater for fans of football who wish to make profits from the much-awaited international sporting event.

Bitkup, a unique betting service in the Bitcoin platform, offers a new avenue for Bitcoin enthusiasts and gambling aficionados to enjoy the World Cup even more by simply making predictions for the winner of every match.

However, aside from this primary purpose, Bitkup also aims to invite non-Bitcoiners to indulge in the exciting activity of Bitcoin sports betting, using its services as a tool to promote the digital currency, according to Bitkup Co-founder Gus Fring.

A total of 20 winners will be determined at the end of the World Cup using the win rate as the sole basis. The player emerging at the top wins 50% of the jackpot, while the second and third players receive 15% and 13%, respectively. Meanwhile, the remaining 17 winners will collect about 1.3% of the total winnings.

In order to win bitcoins, though, interested bettors must only have to place an initial bet of 0.05 BTC to automatically join the Bitkup PRO League. On the other hand, those who wish to experience playing without putting any amount at stake can choose the Bitkup FREE League.

However, unlike the Bitcoin casino games offered in gambling venues online, Bitkup’s own tournament sweepstakes are conducted in a transparent gaming environment, allowing every participant to trace the betting history of all players based on their past games.

Fring reasoned that this feature guarantees the authenticity of the jackpot and ensures maximum protection against theft.

With such transparency, however, which completely goes against the player anonymity promoted in Bitcoin casinos online, the future of Bitkup in the online Bitcoin gambling industry and Bitcoin games is still difficult to predict. Nevertheless, it still expresses its intentions of incorporating other international sporting events after the World Cup, enabling sports bettors to enjoy and win Bitcoin in Brazil or not.