BitPay, GASH Point Boosts Bitcoin in Asia Gaming

BitPay and GASH Point

Asia continues to show convincing signs that it is ready to take on the challenge to become the world’s legitimate Bitcoin capital after securing another groundbreaking feat that would make Bitcoin acquisition simpler for the region’s consumers.

One of Asia’s largest gaming platforms, GASH Point successfully closed a partnership deal with BitPay, one of the leading Bitcoin payment processors.

The collaboration between BitPay and GASH Point aims to further push Bitcoin usage for transactions, particularly in the iGaming sector.

After years of successfully remaining on top of its game, GASH Point anticipates another groundbreaking run, especially now that Bitcoin is already one of the platform’s payment methods.

The GASH Point team eyes promoting the usage of Bitcoin for game purchases in particular areas like Taiwan and Hong Kong:

“The GASH team has a great vision for bitcoin payments. We’re excited to begin working with them to make Bitcoin the natural choice for digital purchases in Taiwan and throughout Southeast Asia.”

Bitcoin to refurbish GASH Point security

Prior to this partnership, GASH Point established itself as the premier platform that serves over 10 million gamers in Asia. It achieves this with a steadfast system that processes in-game transactions and other miscellaneous purchases—a process greatly similar to conventional online wallets.

Bitcoin Partnerships

This convenient similarity, however, also holds grim for the gaming wallet. Since gamers use credit cards and banking methods to reload their GASH Point accounts, the chances of being targeted by online hackers and identity thefts are extremely high.

Fortunately, with BitPay now integrated, users of GASH Point no longer need to be wary of such instances since purchasing using Bitcoin does not require personal and financial information just to conduct a purchase.

Moreover, BitPay’s marketing associate, James Warpole, emphasized that the integration of Bitcoin with GASH Point greatly complements the main essence of its services, which is to provide gamers with convenient conduit that is structured for gaming purposes.

Warpole said in a report:

“GASH Point was made for simple and convenient digital content purchases. Now that customers can use any Bitcoin wallet to load their GASH Point accounts in seconds, gamers will have a way to get back to enjoying their purchases in even less time.”

Partnership proves beneficial for Bitcoin adoption

Through the years, Bitcoin remains firm to its goal to be acknowledged and accepted in the mainstream market, thus the recent partnership between BitPay and GASH Point has served well for the cryptocurrency’s unwavering objective.

GASH Point

The heart-warming acceptance of the few partnerships of Bitcoin and mainstream companies reflects that Bitcoin is certain to fulfill its agenda if these kinds of advancements continue.

Moreover, it is highly possible for cryptocurrency’s ecosystem, especially the Bitcoin gambling market, to flourish in 2016 given that world-renowned game departments like GASH Point are considering the adoption of Bitcoin for further effectivity.

Will this affect Bitcoin gambling?

With BitPay providing Bitcoin payment processing services despite its recent change of platform, positive effects await the Bitcoin gambling market.

It can be recalled that BitPay sponsored the St. Petersburg Bowl in 2014, and this shows the company’s efforts in pushing the cryptocurrency forward into the mainstream.

The team up with GASH Point establishes an opportunity for Bitcoin gamblers and gamers, especially those in line with Bitcoin eSports betting and gaming, to discover the perks of using the digital currency for online gaming purposes.