Bitreserve Aspires to Change the World with Digital Money


Bitreserve’s vision in making the world a better place through simpler financial transactions is one idea that everyone wouldn’t mind seeing come to existence. In an interview with Bitreserve’s Carl A.R. Weir, we will learn of why Bitreserve chose this quest and how it has succeeded in completing its journey.

How did you stumble upon Bitcoin? How did you become indulged in Bitcoin or in cryptocurrency in general?

It was a weird story. I was asked to come up with a Bitcoin knowledge ecosystem for all the players in all the sectors in the industry whilst I was at a financial markets ultra-low latency connectivity form for High Frequency Traders. Once I created that knowledge base I saw the benefits of cryptocurrencies and what it meant to all levels of financial markets.


How would you describe the relationship between your business and the cryptocurrency?

Our business is intrinsic in removing the volatility of Bitcoin. Our business walks hand in hand to protect the consumer, the markets, and the industry, whilst innovating for its benefit.

How would you describe the Bitcoin economy today?

I think the Bitcoin economy is going through a period of great change and 2015 will sift through the main players in the industry, leaving those main players take the industry into the next phase of growth.

Carl WeirWhat are your views on Bitcoin stabilization? How do you see Bitcoin in the next five years?

Bitreserve will be intrinsic to the Bitcoin stabilization. In the next 4 years I see Bitcoin becoming the Alto Vista of search engines and replaced by a new cryptocurrency that will be represented by global use cases where stability of the cryptocurrency is intrinsic.

Have you arrived at a Bitcoin price prediction?

I see it around $100, hovering between $55-$100.

How would you define your main purpose or role within the Bitcoin ecosystem?

A multi-sector innovator.

In what ways does your venture positively impact the global promotion and adoption of Bitcoin?

In simplest terms it is our capacity to remove BTC volatility. It is the merging of the real world that is fit to the blockchain, a scenario we see as beneficial that will most drastically change multiple industries.

What are the major challenges you face to further your cause?

Defined regulations in multiple jurisdictions.

Do you have any opinions regarding gambling at Bitcoin casino sites?

I think it is a good thing with a stable price, and the ability to provide segregated accounts and trust accounts for the industry.

How do you view the effects of altcoins or the Bitcoin 2.0 technology on the future of Bitcoin?

It is too early to say as no real use cases have come through as yet for the gaming industry.

What are your plans for your ventures?

Simply put, growth in multiple sectors with Gaming as a key focus.

Are you planning on expanding any time soon? Do you have other similar projects in the works?

We are expanding all the time, and similar projects include expansion into other sectors.

What advice can you give to the thousands of Bitcoin enthusiasts, especially to new adopters? How about to the entrepreneurs?

My advice is simple. You must have a use case to move forward, if you’re not solving a problem, there is no problem. Do your homework, and engage with the right resources.

Any additional information you’d like to share with the free Bitcoin casino world?

2015 will be a game changing year. Look for innovation and for platforms you can innovate on. You don’t necessarily have to innovate from within, you can also do the same with the right API.