Now Accepts Deposits through Credit Cards and PayPal

Img 17 Bitstars has made instant credit card depositing possible, enabling bettors to deposit funds in fiat currencies through credit/debit cards and PayPal.

A Bitcoin casino has announced its acceptance of fiat currency payments through credit/debit cards and PayPal, becoming the first online gambling operator to introduce the new deposit method., a modern Bitcoin casino launched in 2013, unveiled its latest offering that is set to change the perception on Bitcoin gambling by equipping users with the ability to directly buy bitcoins during the deposit process.

“We are set to drive the adoption of Bitcoin to offer a fantastic user experience where our players can get hold of bitcoins instantly using their credit card or PayPal account,” said BitStars Marketing Head Nikolica Vadaski in a press release.

The new deposit method allows players to transfer funds into their BitStars account using a credit/debit card or a PayPal account, the amount of which in fiat currency like the USD and EUR among others are then instantly converted to bitcoins using specific exchange rates.

All payments made are processed through MineHash, a third-party cloud hashing operator that receives the fiat currencies from the casino and then returns the equivalent amount in bitcoins. BitStar’s collaboration with it makes instant credit card depositing possible.

However, although the deposits are made in fiat currencies, the withdrawals will still be in bitcoins, retaining the casino’s lightning-fast cash out processes.

Through the introduction of this latest Bitcoin depositing method, BitStars has not only made depositing easier, but it has also empowered users worldwide to save significant amount of time from buying the digital currency in Bitcoin exchanges online.

Vadaski added that although there may already be a few casinos designed for Bitcoin technology, not all are as dedicated as BitStars.

Along with its unveiling of its deposit method, BitStars has also added 10 more casino games that are optimized for mobile Bitcoin casino gaming, further strengthening its position in the industry.

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