Follows New Trend, Launches Bitcoin Live Dealers Casino Live Dealers

Following the rising trend toward a more attractive and interactive gameplay, Bitcoin betting site has launched a new live dealers casino filled with more games, gorgeous dealers, and innovative features.

On top of its regular live casino, BitWin now showcases a new approach to providing an even more exciting and realistic casino gaming atmosphere, expanding its online gambling services to cater for all kinds of casino enthusiasts.

Through live webcasting, which share similarities with the technology used by other Bitcoin gambling sites like mBit Casino, online bettors can play the Dice game, Bet on Poker, and a couple of chance games like 7 out of 42 and 5 out of 36 in a vibrant, refreshing environment.

Unlike in the regular live casino hosted by this betting site, its new Bitcoin live dealers casino operates based on a strict schedule. This means online bettors will have to wait for a certain amount of time shown on the betting interface before a new round of each game begins.

Moreover, to meet the demands for a livelier real-time casino betting experience on the web, BitWin loaded its new live games with state-of-the-art casino equipment that double the fun and triple their reliability.

On another note, the live dealers for this new gambling service are guaranteed to be highly knowledgeable of every game and are absolutely stunning, both of which play a key role in attracting more online Bitcoin casino players.

Despite the addition of a new live dealer casino, BitWin still simultaneously runs its regular live casino that offers a variety of the top favorite casino games, including the classic roulette, blackjack, and baccarat as well as the lottery game.

According to its betting interface, two more games will be rolled out to keep the Bitcoin casino environment more enjoyable, diverse, and exciting. The soon-to-be-released games, which will complement the catalog of BitWin live casino, are HybridBlackjack and Keno.