Blackjack Habits That Separate Pros from Beginners

A lot of casino players are drawn to blackjack because of its low house edge. The lower the house edge is, the higher the prizes a player can win.  Winning big, though, is not highly reliant on how low the casino advantage is for blackjack, but on how good the gaming strategies are used by the player.

One way of knowing what tactics are effective is trying out the most common strategies employed by veteran players. Below are several blackjack habits that pro bettors use to boost their chances of winning.

Blackjack Game in Online CasinosSet a Bankroll Chart

It is important to understand that every player cannot win every round of blackjack. This is why pro players set a bankroll chart showing the total amount they intend to spend on one sitting and how much bet they will place per round. Bankroll charts help players strategically set an optimized number of rounds. These allow them to get many rounds during which they have the edge over the dealer.

Read the Dealer’s Hand

Pros can get a grasp of their winning chance based on a dealer’s revealed card. The revealed card determines the possible value of the banker’s total hand in one round.

For example, if a dealer revealed a 10-valued card, the probability that he has a hand value of 17 to 20 is high. In such case, the odds that the dealer has to hit or draw another card with a 10 are low.

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Use ‘Split’ and ‘Double’ at the Right Time

One of the best ways to make the most of the low house edge on a blackjack game is to efficiently use both split and double actions. A split is made to separate the starting hand and draw two new cards to play with two hands in a single round, while double is done to add the same bet amount and draw only one card.

Proper use of the two actions allows players to win the most payout in a single round. On the other hand, a split or double can further hurt a player’s bankroll if not used at the right time. The right time to use either of the actions should be based on the possible strength of both the player’s hand and dealer’s hand.

Double is a good option to make if a player has a hand value of 11. It is likely that his total hand will average around 16 to 20. Having a 9 or 10 starting hand is also a good time to double as long as the dealer’s card is six or lower.

A split is best used on cards of 8s to 10s. Certain blackjack games, however, may not allow a player to split an Ace. In this case, it is recommended to split 5 to 7 cards if the dealer has 3 or lower.

Simultaneous use of the three habits is the key to getting a low house edge on blackjack. Having the right timing, players can protect their bankroll throughout the game and get the most out of a round when the dealer has a week hand.

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