Blackjack Tricks Every Live Casino Player Must Know

Most casinos are safe to play in. They have strict guidelines and regulations against casino staff cheating. There are instances, however where the practice is still alive. There are still live dealers who know blackjack tricks and use them. In fact, an online player recently caught a live blackjack dealer cheating.

The player had a Jack and a two, while the dealer had a king. The game was proceeding as normal. Then, the player watched with disbelief as he saw the trick happen. Before the dealer dealt the player’s card, he pushed up the first card and took the second one.

The card that the dealer gave himself was an eight. The player had the final score of 17, while the dealer stood at 18. This means that the dealer (and the casino) wins.

The trick that the player caught was the second deal. The dealer appeared to deal the top card when in reality he dealt the second. Few dealers would go to this end to steal a win for the house, but it could still happen.

The best protection against a cheater is knowledge. Once players know what signs to look for, they can catch a dealer in the middle of his act.

Common blackjack dealer tricks

One of the blackjack tricks a dealer can use even in Bitcoin blackjack tables is sleight of hand. This is illegal. If a player has a favorable hand, the dealer might attempt to use this trick.

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Instead of dealing the next card from the top of the deck, the dealer chooses to pick a card from the bottom. It will most likely be a winning card for the dealer, or a losing card for the player.

A known trick is also to remove cards from the deck. They will remove one or two 10-value cards from the shoe. When there are less high-value cards from the deck, the odds of a player getting blackjack decreases. The casino will not have to give a payout of 3:2 or 6:5 for blackjack.

Casinos will rarely use this method, because of the strict regulations set by gaming regulators.

Other subtle tricks

The selective shuffle is a subtle trick. Generally, a blackjack dealer will shuffle the cards when the shoe is nearly empty. A selective shuffle is when the dealer reshuffles the cards even if the shoe is half full. There are only two reasons a dealer does this:

  • The dealer sees many low cards, but no high cards
  • The dealer suspects the player is counting the cards

A dealer can reshuffle the cards to disrupt the player, preventing them from gaining an advantage. If there are plenty of low cards, the player will keep hitting, raising his chances of winning.

The dealer is intentionally manipulating the cards, so the player is at a disadvantage. If a dealer keeps shuffling the deck after a few rounds, the player can call them out on it.

With the rise of online casinos, players can use applications to film their games. This and strict game regulations keep most online casinos honest. Bitcoin players can check out reputable Bitcoin casinos that offer live dealer games. and NetBet are some of the online casinos where players can find honest live casino table games from high-quality live casino game providers.