Bookies Stimulate Bitcoin Sports Betting Market via World Cup Promos

Bitcoin Sports Betting World Cup

Bitcoin sports betting sites are bustling with betting activities as the 2014 FIFA World Cup begins today. However, among these bookies, those that run a promo for the much-awaited international football event are the hottest sportsbooks at the moment.

Among the sports betting sites that share the excitement and action in Brazil with worldwide bettors, Anonibet is one of the first few that rolled out a World Cup promo. Promising to reward a total of 22 BTC to four winners, this Bitcoin sportsbook features an array of special bets on top of the different betting options available not just for football, but also for a wide range of sports.

Sports gambling enthusiasts, on the other hand, can opt to make the most of the 20 BTC prize money offered by Nitrogen Sports in celebration of the quadrennial cup by completing certain challenges. Aside from this, though, bettors can also take advantage of the parlay promotions, together with the World Cup props along with the different available bets for a collection of sporting events.

However, in terms of the largest pot at stake, Cloudbet has managed to put up a whopping 100 BTC reward for whoever predicts the winners and runner-ups for each group, as well as those of the succeeding games after the elimination.

The high prize money of these books for this year’s World Cup only makes the Bitcoin sports betting market absolutely more attractive. This explains the high possibilities of new online sports bettors indulging in the gambling activities offered by the industry, which is poised to benefit in return in terms of increased popularity.

In fact, certain Bitcoin sportsbooks are geared toward promoting the digital currency by tapping the appeal of the FIFA World Cup.

Bitkup, which aims to invite non-Bitcoin users to accept the digital currency through the World Cup jackpot it offers, shares the same mission with BetVIP, a sports betting site that is determined to push for the longevity of Bitcoin.

The efforts shown by these sports betting sites push the Bitcoin sports gambling market to new heights and even play a role in stimulating the adoption rate of mainstream customers toward the digital currency.