Braintree Bitcoin Integration: A Positive Sign for Bitcoin Gambling Market

Bitcoin Paypal

Bitcoin transcends the limits set by previous payment systems. It enables quick, hassle-free transactions that put legacy payment infrastructures like credit cards to shame, making Bitcoin a perfect method to complement the demands of mobile gambling.

Betting on the Bitcoin casino games on mobile devices has quickly become the fad in the online gaming industry. It is convenient and productive, and it offers gambling enthusiasts across the globe the flexibility they desire to balance their time for business, personal, and entertainment matters.

With just a tap, players can transfer funds to and from any mobile Bitcoin casino—this is the core that explains the hype and interest on using the digital currency for gambling purposes not only through smartphones and tablets, but also via web browsers on desktops and laptops.

However, Bitcoin is not all about online and mobile gambling.

Thus, providing everyone with access to Bitcoin as a payment system is becoming a necessity more than a luxury.

After all, the Bitcoin technology has been showering hints that it is here to stay with a mission to innovate and enhance the current payment protocols.

Braintree knows this, and it is addressing this matter by offering Bitcoin soon on its system.

A subsidiary of the Ebay-owned PayPal, Braintree is a payments platform that simplifies payment acceptances through mobile apps or websites. It equips merchants with a seamless system that beats the traditional ways of receiving payments from consumers.

More noteworthy is that this development also signifies the initiative of PayPal to embrace the digital currency, shared Braintree CEO Bill Ready when he announced the Bitcoin integration at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco.

Working hand in hand with Coinbase, a US-based Bitcoin online exchange and wallet provider, Braintree will give merchants the freedom to allow their customer bases to pay in bitcoins using their Coinbase wallet.

Whether or not PayPal will fully welcome Bitcoin remains to be seen, but what is clear is that the Braintree support for the digital currency is already a step forward, especially when Bitcoin lands in the mainstream.