Brand Manager: Expect More Innovations on OneHash


Brand Manager Eric Baker talked about OneHash’s future and the Bitcoin economy. Read on to know more about his insights and business plans for the site.


“We have been charmed by the idea of a beyond boundaries, worldwide currency almost since its beginning,’ recalled Eric Baker, Brand Manager at OneHash, an online mutual sports betting site specifically designed for Bitcoin.

A true sports fan and Bitcoin user, he talked about the innovations players will enjoy on his website, his views on Bitcoin, and even shared an advice with starters in the Bitcoin gambling business. In a medium where the Bitcoin casino market flourishes, he has strong faith in the future endeavors of OneHash.

What inspired OneHash?

We always loved simple yet useful tools for dealing with our work or leisure time. We wanted to create a clean and user-friendly place to have fun with friends while using Bitcoins.

Bitcoins have been in use for a couple of years but still we see many opportunities to introduce it to a larger public and increase amount of everyday Bitcoin users. We came up with an idea for OneHash easy betting platform since we felt lack of such a tool for ourselves. We are huge fans of sports, yet each one of us has a different point of view, favourite teams and so on. This is the reason we are constantly betting against each other. We couldn’t find an easy way to do it before, so we created OneHash.

How long did it take you to launch OneHash?

Launching OneHash for FIFA World Cup in Brazil took us three weeks. So you must admit it wasn’t a long time. The World Cup was our trial run and after the finals we had a short break and now we are back with the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League betting.

Champions League

From a player’s point of view, what can you say is the best thing about your website?

Fun and simplicity without annoying ads. We want OneHash to stand out with its modern user-centered design and we think it appears truly approachable.

This time from the operator’s perspective, what are the advantages of running it?

Using OneHash for Bitcoin sports betting doesn’t require registering or creating any account. You just place a bet, identify your wallet, and an e-mail address which will be used to inform you about the result of the wager. No adverts, no distraction – pure sports and emotions. We are also working on optional accounts for those who would like to see their betting history. You may expect this feature soon.

How does OneHash stand out from the land-based casinos?

It’s hard to compare OneHash with conventional casinos. To begin with – we are not a bookmaker. OneHash is a platform enabling mutual betting which means that all bitcoins circulating between players belong to themselves. It has two consequences: our high credibility as a betting provider and dynamic betting course. The latter means that your bet has an actual impact on the course, which results in even more emotions during the game.

You said that there was only a limited time to launch OneHash, can you describe how it was like during the first few weeks of operation?

We were really thrilled when first users were providing very positive feedback on OneHash. We wanted to create a product that we would use ourselves, so finding out that there are more people thinking alike was really rewarding.

QuoteHow about the surprises, challenges, or setbacks?

We struggled to deliver OneHash before FIFA World Cup Brazil started. We managed to launch a fully functioning platform for the play-offs. It was an important test period for us. Seeing the platform working live and receiving very positive feedback from the users was very precious. Now we have our homework done and we’re ready for releasing OneHash for next competitions, beginning with UEFA Champions League, we will be adding further sports shortly.

Can you tell us a bit about your long-term plans regarding OneHash?

Our plans are bold. We are working on successively introducing further sports disciplines and tournaments. We have also many plans on developing our platform and adding new features. So stay tuned, give it a try and don’t hesitate to give us feedback on your experience. All of these plans are already in progress so you will be able to see it soon.

Are there plans to expand soon? Will you be looking at adding bitcoin best games perhaps?

OneHash is the first and most important part of a bigger system which will benefit from synergy of its elements. We wouldn’t like to say more about this for now but it will surely be worth to wait for the results of our work.

What advice can you give other similar brands or platforms that are just starting out?

If you have a business idea involving cryptocurrencies just give it a shot. If it works you could be a pioneer, if not… well, try something else. Experiments pay off.

Said like a true businessperson. Lastly, I’d like to know your thoughts, though, about Bitcoin as a payment system and its price growth. What can you say about these?

If a similar growth of Bitcoin popularity continues, we should gradually notice more and more everyday payment solutions involving this currency. The idea of Bitcoin defends itself by being a user-friendly and over-the-boundaries concept. It just needs time to spread.

Also, we expect Bitcoin price to grow in the long-term. It is however difficult to predict the course in the nearest future. Speculation and current moods of users still have a considerable impact on Bitcoin value.

Thank you for this opportunity, Eric!

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