Where Can Bettors Play Quality Bitcoin Dice?

Bitcoin dice owes its popularity to its simple yet entertaining gameplay. Players just pick a lucky number and bet on whether the dice roll will yield a higher or lower value than what he had chosen. The game might have turned into an even-money game where the chance of winning is 50/50.

Since players can choose the lucky number—or range—there is an incredible number of bets with different winning chance and payout rate. The bigger the chance of winning a roll is, the lower the payout bettors can get.

There are no shortages of betting sites to play Bitcoin dice online. Players, in fact, have a wide variety of options when it comes to playing dice using Bitcoin.


Long-time players are the ones expected to play Bitcoin dice at FortuneJack. Instead of just picking a number and betting on whether the number will be lower or higher than the dice roll, FortuneJack’s dice is more straightforward. Players get to directly set the winning chance or the payout of each roll to whatever they want.

One of FortuneJack’s unique features is that they also accept different kinds of cryptocurrencies, such as Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Dash. The casino also has a progressive jackpot feature when bettors play Bitcoin dice. To have a chance of getting the jackpot prize, they need to have matching first digits for the following rolls in a row. One example is to roll 18.45, 28.45, 38.45, 48.45, 58.45, 68.45 and 78.45.


The interface of Primedice takes a user-friendly approach. Below some of the options of the game is a long slider. This lets bettors increase their winning chance and lower their payout rate when they move the slider to the left. Moving it to the right increase the payout but lowers the win chance. The auto betting portion lets players increase their bets when they lose or win a roll automatically.


Crypto-Games.net has very simple looking interface like Primedice. There are four different tabs in the main window of the game. In Manual Bet, bettors can set the payout rate and the winning chance of each roll. The window will even show bettors how much Bitcoin they can win when they get the roll right. The auto bet feature of Crypto-Games.net gives bettors more options, apart from just automatically doubling player’s bets on a winning or losing roll when they play Bitcoin dice online. Players can also switch the bet types or whether they want to bet high or low. Much like Fortunejack, bettors can also use different types of crypto coins for Crypto-Games. This includes Peercoin, Gridcoin, and Dash.

There is a vast selection of places to play Bitcoin dice, and players can choose the Bitcoin dice game that best suits their betting style and taste. The popularity of Bitcoin dice helps improve online gambling, and this is evident with the increasing interest and demand for online dice games with Bitcoin.