Can NeuCoin Push Bitcoin Out Of The Spotlight?

NeuCoin Versus Bitcoin

As Bitcoin and altcoins remain to keep a friendly and mutual relationship, an emerging adversary is making a buzz in the cryptocurrency society because of its capacity to ‘surpass Bitcoin’s current status.’

Dubbed as NeuCoin (NEU), this new entry in the cryptocurrency market is specifically designed to eliminate the complexity of crypto transactions in order to welcome layman consumers to the world of cryptocurrency.

NeuCoin founders Daniel Kaufman and Johan Sandstrom openly announced during the coin’s development stage that they will be issuing pre-sales for NeuCoin for a major test run.

Although it has garnered a majority of positive reactions, few of its spectators seem to be skeptical about this approach.

It was during the official launch of NeuCoin on Sept. 23 when the founders explained in an open Q&A program via Skype the reason behind its pre-selling.


NeuCoin engages layman consumers

Sandstrom elaborated that small amounts of NEU are sold in order to give normal consumers an experience of what it is like to use cryptocurrency.

He was quoted:

“[A] small amount of NEU [will be released] as “freemium” to get consumers outside of crypto to try it out. Imagine… a random guy who knows nothing about crypto happens to win some NeuCoins by playing a Facebook game, one click later and he’s on MyNeuCoin … one more click and his coins are ‘growing.’”

On the same Q&A program, Kaufman shared that they believe that following its official launch, NeuCoin will have more consumers compared to Bitcoin just within the span of one year.

This is because NeuCoin holds more purchasing and spending possibilities, which are absent on Bitcoin’s end. Among these options, NeuCoin’s online micropayments and tipping services are to be its flagship purposes.

NeuCoin has already sold 200 million NEUs to angel investors back in 2014. According to the developers behind this new altcoin, this pre-sale marks the start of NeuCoin’s price establishment.

Moreover, in order to completely settle the market price of NeuCoin, they will be outsourcing assistance from some of this industry’s strongest players, which may include the Bitcoin casino market.

NeuCoin in Online Gambling

Will NeuCoin be the next big thing in Bitcoin casinos?

Other than relying on investors, NeuCoin founders plan to advertise the newest cryptocurrency on Bitcoin hubs that generate great amounts of traffic and exposure, making Bitcoin casinos among the primary prospects.

Kaufman shared that their company is willing to reward software developers who will be able to create a service that would showcase NeuCoin’s ability when it comes to transactions:

“We are going after third party game developers. Anyone who develops a service that makes NeuCoin more useful can get rewarded by NeuCoin utility foundation.”

Although this may seem like a good promise for NeuCoin to boom, it is still uncertain whether this action plan may succeed. After all, cryptocurrency gamblers are already accustomed to using Bitcoin in online gambling.

Another factor that may hinder NeuCoin’s advance is that this coin runs on a different system, which has significant differences with Bitcoin’s. Seeking help from game developers, including those from the Bitcoin gambling sector, may be a viable option, but is still not a great boost. Regardless, seeing Bitcoin games optimized for other digital currencies like NeuCoin will help push the rise of cryptocurrency in the financial sector.

Nevertheless, NeuCoin versus Bitcoin in the online casino market is certainly an exciting face-off to keep an eye on. Time can only tell what the verdict will be for this epic cryptocurrency showdown. After all, cryptocurrency is not limited to Bitcoin.