Caribbean Exchange, Gambling Site Amplify Bitcoin Expansion

Bitcoin in the Caribbean

The Bitcoin casino market is poised to swell in the coming months as more people begin to adopt the digital currency. And the launching of more Bitcoin businesses online further propels the growth the market rightfully deserves to mature in the iGaming industry.

While Bitcoin betting already receives significant following in Europe, in the US, and slowly in Asia, more is expected as the Bitcoin ecosystem strengthens its presence in the Caribbean.

Bitt launches in the Caribbean

Boosting the adoption rate along the famous island getaways is the new Bitcoin exchange that specifically caters to the said region. Bitt will become the first Barbados-based Bitcoin exchange to operate beginning March 30, and is set to lead the Bitcoin expansion in the Caribbean.

Bitt Bitcoin Exchange

It will bring innovative solutions to its market, largely focusing on mobile digital wallet, e-commerce merchant solutions, and international remittance services.

To have Bitcoin as a financial option is expected to yield positive results, since an estimated 60 percent of the local population is unbanked, according to reports.

Moreover, with a Bitcoin exchange established in the Caribbean region, there are high probabilities that this will build traction and benefit the Bitcoin casino market in the years to come.

Bitcoin integration boosts

BetOnline.agOne of the Bitcoin betting portals that will become available to the new players in the region is, an online gambling site that offers casino games, live dealer casino, poker rooms, and sports betting services.

Relatively new in the Bitcoin gambling niche, it was only recently that it began accepting the digital currency as a payment method. This yielded positive results that not only exhibited the appeal of Bitcoin in the betting domain, but also the increasing number of gamblers who choose to bet bitcoins instead.

According to, it received a significant increase in active users since Bitcoin debuted on its platform. It is not surprising then that Bitcoin is currently the second most used payment option on the site.

With a wide range of betting services offered, players can choose to bet on Bitcoin casino games, poker, sports, and many more. Likewise, they can get their hands on the various Bitcoin casino bonus deals on board.