Casino Bettors Can Now Buy and Mine Bitcoin Without Breaking a Sweat


London-based online exchange Bitok makes purchasing cryptocoins, as well as mining them, easy for its customers like the Bitcoin casino players worldwide.


Bitcoin casino enthusiasts looking for another means to buy Bitcoin and other digital currencies can set their eyes on the newly launched cryptocurrency exchange called Bitok.

Based in London, Bitok is packaged to transform the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies into the easiest and friendliest experience available in the online market by avoiding the complexities of trading.

Entering the amount of the desired cryptocoin for purchasing will give its clients the lowest price that must be paid. However, the price of Bitcoin and other digital coins will be based on the market, and therefore, it should be expected to change as the market behavior fluctuates.

With this method, players who wish to instantly and conveniently buy cryptocurrencies to satisfy their urge for some fun and entertainment in playing Bitcoin games can easily do.

BitokMoreover, Bitok promotes anonymity among its users, so not a single document will be required when signing up. It may, however, ask for an email address, but this is for account purposes only and eliminates the need for verification.

Aside from the number of cryptocurrencies accepted here, this online exchange also supports a range of fiat currencies and conventional payment methods like OKPay, Egopay, Perfect Money, and wire transfers.

What sets Bitok apart from the other Bitcoin exchanges that also cater for Bitcoin casino players is the fact that it also sells mining contracts. Since its launch until Oct. 1, the mining contracts at 10GH/s will be sold for $19; after which the price will be based on the supply and demand.

Through the cloud mining contracts which expire in one year, online casino players can indulge in profiting from mining through GHash.IO while betting on their favorite games. After all, there is nothing else to worry about like buying expensive mining equipment, paying high electrical bills, and other mining-related troubles.

Additionally, the mining contracts may function as a trading commodity too since they can be sold on the Bitok market after.

As more Bitcoin casino brands embrace the need for a user-friendly and enjoyable betting experience, it is only high time that gambling enthusiasts will also have a convenient channel to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, as well as mine them for extra profits.

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