Casinos Shower Players with BTC Rewards this Month

Bitcoin Casino Promotions

April is one of the best months for both gambling and Bitcoin aficionados because of the promotions pouring in. Leading websites such as Bitstarz and are offering huge amounts of generosity in their new set of promotions and bonuses.  Large sums of BTC and fiat plus high-tech consoles and appliances are to be expected and is all for the taking.

High five for Bitstarz’ awesome offer

Bitstarz, one of the big shots in the Bitcoin casino industry, has its ongoing event called ‘Slot Wars.’ This promotion promises to give away 5 BTC and €500-worth of rewards to players that are participating in the said promotional event.

Starting April 1 to 30, the top 15 Bitcoin players and 10 euro bettors have the chance to get a share of the 5 BTC and €500 rewards, respectively.

Slot Wars

Slot Wars has finished the first half of its promotion this month. It is now in its second and final leg; thus, players will need to double time in playing Bitcoin slots to win more.

In order to make the most of this event, players just have to secure a spot in the top 10 or 15 leaderboards. For that to happen, they simply need to continue playing until all their bets accumulate to an astounding amount worthy to be included in the list of the greatest slot bettors.

Winners will be officially declared by the end of the period and will receive their prizes after 48 hours.

Win legitimate VIP Prizes at

In addition to the latest promotions given by online casinos, added a new set of VIP perks with generous offers, including state-of-the-art gaming consoles and devices.

Prizes such as a Samsung HD widescreen TV, Apple Macbook Laptop, and even a Bose entertainment unit are waiting for the next winners of this casino’s one-of-a-kind promotion.

However, this promo is limited to VIP members of the website only, but players interested in grasping these rewards can play more in order to trigger their status as close as to a VIP. Once this happens, a VIP Hostess will be accessed.

Upon acknowledgement from the site’s VIP lady, players are now granted with benefits such as free Bitcoin plays, higher bonuses, reduced rollovers, real prizes, and custom-designed packages like the newly added high-tech pool of rewards.

VIP Rewards

Success in Bitcoin promotions

With a huge base of clients, Bitcoin casino promotions always lean towards success.

For instance, last February, Pocket Rockets Casino held its 2nd Anniversary special and gave away prizes, such as a Sony PlayStation 4 Grand Theft Auto bundle, an HD TV, and an nVidia gaming tablet.

Other events held by casinos prefer to integrate the idea of pop-culture beliefs to their promotion like’s Friday the 13th casino event that invited a number of new and veteran players and received positive feedback.

Bitcoin casino promotions and events show no signs of falter. Each released bonuses are always supported by bettors and Bitcoin collectors despite the tight competition for prizes.

Moreover, events are held to return clients the favor of continuously supporting and being the foundation of the whole Bitcoin gambling industry.

With developments in the high-paying Bitcoin casino promotions and bonuses, it is to be expected that a lot more innovations and improvements will be initiated in the following months, generating more anticipated and supportive Bitcoin buffs.