CasinoWebScripts to Offer Complete Mobile Solution

CasinoWebScripts Gaming

CasinoWebScripts gaming providers recently revealed that they have created five more games developed in HTML5 technology, suitable for desktop and mobile devices, along with a Flash slot game that is compatible with desktop devices.

Operators who are looking to start Bitcoin casinos can now choose from a wider diversity of games from CasinoWebScripts, including three versions of Keno, an Oktoberfest-themed slot, a Big or Small dice game, and a new Joker slot game.

Bitcoin Keno and dice on the go

Future Keno 80, King Treasure Keno 80 and Dragon Keno 80 are the latest Keno games developed by the team at CasinoWebScripts. Players can try these versions of the popular casino game on their mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones.

With three different themes, these games promise a vivid, entertaining experience. The main rules behind Keno is to pick several numbers from a pool of up to 80, from which 10 numbers will be randomly selected as the winning ones. In order to win, at least two games must be matched.

CasinoWebScripts Mobile Games

Thanks to the popularity of CasinoWebScripts’ Big or Small 3D, the company has decided to create a similar mobile version of this game, which is called Big or Small 2. The rules are extremely simple, making this game suitable for players who are new to the online casino world.

Players have to guess the outcome of dice rolls, either Big or Small, where Big signifies that the sum of the dice is between 11 and 17, while Small means that the dice’ total amount will be between four and 10. With relaxing sound effects and a classic design, this game will be a favorite among dice enthusiasts.

More Bitcoin slots for mobile

On the other hand, Oktoberfest Beer Bash HTML5 mobile slot is a five-reel slot game that presents the story of the well-known Oktoberfest celebration that takes place in Germany.

All the symbols present in this game remind us of traditional Bavaria, where, during the festival, people from all around the world come to enjoy drinking beer, eating traditional food, and listening to music. The multitude of additional features include a Beer Bash bonus, where players will get to choose their favorite barrels of beer and see if they can manage to fill enough beer pints.

Oktoberfest Beer Bash Slots

In addition to these mobile casino games, CasinoWebScripts has also developed a new Flash slot game called Mega Joker Jackpot to join its collection of Bitcoin slots. It is a five-reel slot that is similar to the traditional fruit slots, but it comes with an extra element, the Jolly Joker.

The game has been developed with a retro feel, smooth sound effects and colorful graphics. Perfect for those who enjoy classic casino games, Mega Joker Jackpot will be a great surprise for casino enthusiasts.

CasinoWebScripts gaming provider has also announced that they will soon release a mobile version of roulette and a mobile version of video poker, which are some of the most demanded games by operators who are looking to open both a Bitcoin casino and a Bitcoin mobile casino.