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Catch Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Slovenia on Dec.12

Slovenia hosts on Dec. 12 the first Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference event in the country, welcoming everyone to a day filled with insightful talks and more.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Slovenia 2017 is the first major conference on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the country and will debut on Dec. 12 at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.

There are many reasons to attend the major cryptocurrency conference from Smile-Expo this month. This includes the chance to meet with local Blockchain experts and create a network with them. Here are more things to look forward to in the first Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Slovenia.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Slovenia Agendas

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Slovenia | Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre | December 12, 2017Attendees can expect a day filled with insightful discussions on the latest trends and developments as well as the challenges and opportunities in adopting Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology. Here are some of the noteworthy talks to check out.

Bitcoin and Blockchain Adoption in Slovenia

This agenda focuses on how Slovenia can readily accept Bitcoin on a nationwide scale. The panel discusses the current state of cryptocurrency in Slovenia and the challenges that it needs to face before the country accepts it.

The Globally Regulatory Outlook

This looks at the various developments in technology around the globe. It will discuss the global perspective of what other people see and hear as well as what everyone can expect in the future.

Velocity in Crypto World. Can Regulators Catch Up?

Many things are happening on the cryptocurrency scene that is too fast for some people. The price of Bitcoin at the start of January this year was less than $1,000 but has already reached past $10,000 recently. Many ICOs have sprung up to capture the cryptocurrency investment craze. Can regulators catch up to the rapid development of the cryptocurrency scene in order to set the standards and regulation laws for the Blockchain technology? This agenda will go through all of these talking points.

What to Expect on the Exhibition Floor

The conference will have a series of exhibition stalls from different companies. These are just some of the stalls will showcase the company’s latest works as well as their portfolio that may not only improve the cryptocurrency market but as well as the Bitcoin casino sector.

  • Flashboys is a Dutch startup company that works on different projects involving Blockchain, internet, and automated trading platforms.
  • Exmo. is an international cryptocurrency exchange where users can buy or sell Bitcoin and other altcoins.
  • Insurepal. is the first of its kind Blockchain-based decentralized insurance platform that is powered by social proof guarantee.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Event Speakers

The first in Slovenia, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference will feature several prominent names who are speakers for certain agendas.

Jure Pirc, President of Blockchain Association Slovenia

Pirc has a background in IT and has been monitoring Blockchain technology development for a long time. He also founded the first Bitcoin ATM to be built in Slovenia. He continues to develop websites and social media channels. He also manages different IT infrastructure systems.

Tadej Slapnik, State Secretary in Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic Slovenia

Slapnik had gone through different careers before he became the State Secretary. He was the MP in 2011 when he proposed a law on social entrepreneurship which was accepted in April 2011. As a State Secretary, he is responsible for the social and green economy of the Republic of Slovenia



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