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Catching More Bitcoin Made Easy in Online Gambling

Multiplying Bitcoins Through Online Gambling

Multiplying bitcoins through online gambling platforms is not limited to winning the casino games. Several functions of numerous gaming sites provide rewards that join the intensity of Bitcoin gambling. These are possible with the aid of rewards that come in the form of bonuses, faucets, and player affiliate programs.


Casino bonuses is a marketing strategy employed by both Bitcoin and real-money casinos to attract further bettors. Majority of Bitcoin casinos offer bonuses in different forms. These add to the lucrative offerings cryptocurrency gambling is best known for.

One of the prominent rewards is given as a player registers for an account and deposits bitcoins. Also known as welcome bonuses, these may last up to the third or fourth deposit of a bettor. Some even progress as the user increases the amount deposited. BetChain Casino is a brand well-known for its deposit bonus offerings in which players can benefit from.

BetChain Casino

Another form of bonus comes with referrals. Players who refer a new signee receive a certain amount of bonus points or bitcoins that can be further used for playing the available games like the exciting Bitcoin slots.

Furthermore, long-time users are subject to incentives that reward players for their non-stop patronage of the casino. Known as VIP rewards, these are commonly offered to high-stakes players or valued customers of the online casino. Frequent players of mBit Casino qualify for the site’s lucrative program that gives away amazing prizes, gadgets, and even a trip to Maldives.

Take note that bonus offerings will vary from one Bitcoin gaming site to the other, and some do not offer such rewards. Nevertheless, these make for a very attractive strategy that also acts as additional opportunities for the players.

Bitcoin faucets

Cryptocoins await bettors who employ faucets provided or promoted by Bitcoin gambling platforms—an example of which is These faucets offer users small amounts of bitcoins in exchange for the completion of simple tasks, such as clicking on advertisements, watching video clips, solving captcha, viewing webpages, or even completing puzzles and quizzes. On top of the rewards, faucets offer somewhat entertaining activities for the bettors.

Unfortunately, not all Bitcoin gaming sites provide access to these faucets. Nevertheless, there are independent pages allowing any Bitcoin user to enter and earn additional cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Casino Incentives

Affiliate programs

Casino affiliate programs offer player’s partnerships that will see them earning additional bitcoins as new users are introduced. Upon applying for affiliate programs, the registrant becomes a partner who promotes the offerings of a Bitcoin casino and gets paid based on performance.  Furthermore, this is an effective approach for Bitcoin casinos to reach out to other individuals, as well as keep existing players pleased with the additional earnings in exchange.

The essence of bonus and reward programs

Bonus and affiliate offerings improve the overall gambling experience of a bettor, adding credits that can further increase the chances of winning. Do note that these are not introduced to be placed on top of profits since some of the offerings require to be wagered a number of times. Standalone bonuses do not prove to be significant to a player as is. Nevertheless, the essence of bonuses is sensed along with the enjoyment of Bitcoin gambling.



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