CEO Dariy Margaritov Opens Up about UltraPlay, Gaming Industry

Ultraplay CEO Dariy Margaritov

Many Bitcoin casinos and betting platforms tap the technology and services offered by UltraPlay, and it is becoming evident that this software provider is doing well in the field of sports betting, casino, lottery, and Bitcoin games. That is why it is very timely to have the opportunity to engage in a conversation with Ultraplay’s CEO Dariy Margaritov, who shared the key points that make his company the top choice for Bitcoin casino operators.

UltraPlay is among the most used software for casino, sportsbook, and lottery. Tell me, what was the inspiration behind it?

Ever since I was a boy, I wanted to enter the gambling business. I wanted to own a casino. UltraPlay was the natural choice for my career, and it seems it was a good one.

How did you first get interested in Bitcoin or in cryptocurrencies in general, and how was it like entering the Bitcoin community?

I have always liked the idea of the internet, and when the internet money became a reality, I had to join ASAP. We started doing Bitcoin related project in the end of 2012, just before the first bubble.

And that’s how UltraPlay enters the picture. But before we talk about your product, I’d like to know what your opinion is on gambling laws, as well as the cryptocurrency legality and regulation since you are at the heart of the Bitcoin gambling industry.

As of today, it is still the Wild West—a very grey area that could go either way. I would give it another 2-3 years until there are clear laws about bitcoin and about gambling with bitcoins.

When it comes to the state of Bitcoin in the future, what are your thoughts? Do think it will be more stable?

Yes it will be. It is already stable, and I believe it may at most have 1 more bubble, before it fully stabilizes. However, not even that is certain; we may not see any huge price rises in the near future.

I agree. All right; UltraPlay. What feature makes it the best out there or even revolutionary in the industry standards?

We offer a turnkey solution. We help clients with everything from top to bottom. Not many in the industry can offer that. Also, we use only the latest technologies, which allow us to be very agile. We can do anything and everything for our clients.

Indeed. And have there been plans to support other cryptocoins aside from Bitcoin?

We already do support them. We support litecoins, dogecoins and peercoins.

What have been the greatest accomplishments or the best times you have had while operating UltraPlay since it began?

Probably our greatest accomplishment is that this year we have released more than 10 operator websites. Needless to say, the majority of them accept bitcoin, and all of them accept real money.

How about the setbacks? How did UltraPlay overcome them?

With hard work. The most important ingredient.

That’s true. So, what else is in store for UltraPlay in two years or more?

We will most likely be among the leaders in the gambling space. This year we will be integrating a few different casino software providers, which will give our operators a lot of options to choose from.

In your perspective, do you see a lot of demand for Bitcoin casino and platforms right now?

Yes there is. However, the market is overcrowded. I see it as potential negative, as future operators cannot expect the success other operators have had in the past.

What advice, though, can you give other similar Bitcoin casino software and platform provider that are just starting out?

To educate themselves very well before they start. It’s one of the hardest businesses out there to penetrate.

Going back to basics. Thank you so much for your time, Dariy, and all the best with UltraPlay.



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