CEO Eyes Unicoin Casino as the Top, Trusted Bitcoin Casino

Unicoin Casino

A Bitcoin casino that only took two months to launch in the market may give a picture of poor interface and design. Unicoin Casino doesn’t, however. A Bitcoin casino brand that currently accepts Bitcoin only, but considers giving customers more options, Unicoin Casino offers a plethora of Bitcoin gambling services and support that are noteworthy.

I had the privilege to speak with its CEO, but with respect to his request to be anonymous, no details of his identity will be shared, except for the fact that he prefers to bet on craps and roulette online.

Unicoin Casino. What’s the main goal here?

We want to provide a reliable and fun service for our customers that will keep them coming back. We are in this for the long haul, not quick profits.

What was your inspiration behind it?

I guess the reduced barrier of entry was a big factor. We had always wanted to start an online casino, but the barriers of entry are quite daunting when dealing with the regular banking system. Bitcoin allows anyone with a vision and a good idea to actually take action and create something, without being hampered by red tape, artificial and arbitrary restrictions. We have previously been involved with the online poker market, and we have seen the many problems this industry has had with the banking system and discovering Bitcoin was really just an eye opener.

If you were to say the best qualities of your brand, what would they be?

The support we give our customers, and our games. We have some of the highest quality games in the industry. We are taking customer feedback very seriously, and invite them to be a major part of shaping our brand and site in the future.

You give much focus on customer support. How has player reception been so far? Have players been dissatisfied?

Not that we have heard, especially since the latest redesign and implementation of the new games. Customers seem positively happy in regards to the games we offer. We have had a lot of positive feedback actually. The site had some performance issues at one point, and we received some complaints about this, but we upgraded the server to deal with this and it’s now running fine.

Issues do happen. How has Unicoin Casino overcome these, and what was one instance that really challenged you throughout this project?

We have encountered some setbacks, but nothing major really. Everything can be overcome with hard work and dilligence. We want this to work, and will do everything we can to provide a great online casino for our customers. Also, negotiating the licensing deals and basically just getting off the ground. Once we were moving, things were actually going pretty smooth.

How about the greatest accomplishments or advantages you have had while operating this brand?

Believe it or not, seeing customers win and then go on to forums and brag about it. It’s great advertisement for us and it’s great to see our customers having fun. We get to be part of a relatively new and infant industry, and we see a lot of potential upside if we can continue to create a service that our customers love.

What are your views on gambling laws and cryptocurrency legality and regulation?

Well, with the invention of bitcoin, for the first time we are seeing truly global services. When payments can be facilitated without the banks as middlemen, there is a lot more freedom. It’s hard to follow every regulation and rule in every jurisdiction, but we are constantly doing what we can to limit the risks we are facing in regards to regulations.

Unicoin Casino GamesDo you see a lot of demand for Bitcoin casinos and platforms at present?

Yes, there’s a lot of developers out there working really hard to get the best platforms and services ready for bitcoiners. We will see the delayed effect of this as time goes on. Regardless of what the price has been doing this year, bitcoin and its ecosystem is in great shape!

You mentioned the Bitcoin price. Do you believe it will become more stable in the future?

Yes, with greater adoption, liquidity and stability will follow. This might take a long time though, depending on a few factors. There are a lot of powerful people in the world who do not want to see bitcoin succeed, let us just leave it at that.

All right, then. Do you have a Bitcoin price prediction?

Not really, especially not in the short term. As a medium term prediction though, I bet we will se a significant bull-run after the next halving, which will occur sometime in mid 2016 I think. Although price is very hard to predict, seeing BTC at somewhere around $2500-$4000 in late 2016 is not unlikely in my opinion. As far as predictions go, this one is indeed very vague, but it’s honestly all I care to predict at this point.

In your opinion, what does Bitcoin need to become the more popular and reliable payment method?

It is already a great payment system, it’s just not a great currency yet. Put simply, I think time is on the side of bitcoin. It’s a great technology, and it legitimately solves several problems with traditional currencies. In time, people will realize it’s not a fad, it’s not going anywhere and it’s here to stay. In time, more people will adopt it and use it. When this greater adoption is happening, we will see improvements in its stability and thus it will improve as a currency. We have to remember we are still in the very early stages.

Given that we are in the early stages, how do you perceive Unicoin Casino to be like in two years or so?

We are going to do everything in our power to have Unicoin Casino claim its position as a well-run and trusted online casino. The Bitcoin casino industry has a lot of potential, and we intend to stay relevant and competitive for a long time.

What are your plans for this brand?

Above all, we are going to keep providing good service to our customers. We will be working to add more payment options and more games. We are always doing our best to improve the service and create something that our customers will want and appreciate. Progress is being made, but we can’t announce anything just yet. Keep an eye on our site or on Twitter or Facebook for the latest news.

Security will always be a main issue in online gambling. How secure is your platform?

Our site is very secure. All funds in the hotwallet are stored on a separate secure server and we of course use SSL. We are currently working on implementing 2FA as well, for an added layer of security for our customers.

Are your games provably fair?

We would love to be provably fair, in the true spirit of bitcoin, but as it stands I guess we can say we are  certified fair. To be able to offer the highest quality of games, we have licensed a lot of the best games you can also find in the major fiat casinos. Our software carries an official Certification of Random Number Generator (RNG) Evaluation conducted by GLI (Gaming Laboratories International), and has been issued an eGaming license from Curaçao eGaming.

In the event instance of cheating occur, how would you handle them?

There would be an investigation of course, and from this investigation we would assess the scope of these cheats and take appropriate measures. It’s hard to say without a specific case really.

Although it may be too far-fetched to relate with cheating right away, do you ever get nervous whenever there’s an abundance of high-rollers who get lucky?

There has been instances were a high roller has had our attention, but it’s all part of it. We expect some players to win big and that’s how it should be.

And that’s very good of you. I’m sure everyone is interested to know if you have a VIP program, promotion scheme, or even an affiliate program. Would you mind sharing some details?

The VIP functionality in our system is currently under development, and we will make an announcement soon. In regards to promotions, we have a first deposit bonus of 100% up to 1 BTC, and a constant 25% deposit bonus on all following deposits. You can also find more information in our Affiliates page.

One last thing before we wrap this up. What advice can you give to similar brands that are only starting out in the market?

Work hard, and be patient. Be honest and straightforward and you will reap the long term benefits, don’t go for the dishonest quick buck.

Thank you for this great opportunity, I highly appreciate it!