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CEO Ray Tupper Shared Secrets of the Best Bitcoin Casino in the Making CEO talked about the best qualities and plans for his brand and his views on Bitcoin regulation and gambling laws, as well as its price in the future. may look like a typical Bitcoin casino, but there is more to the brand that meets the eye.

I had the opportunity to sit with its CEO, Ray Tupper, and learned that its platform is very secure, is provably fair and TST certified, is licensed, and is free from much of complaints from the players.

This Bitcoin casino does not restrict bettors from any country, and this is just one of the key features that make BitWin Casino stand out.

Do you spent a lot of time in casinos, Ray?

I better not answer this one in case the wife reads the article!

Well, fair enough. What is your favorite casino game then?

Blackjack for me, always has been and I dare say, it always will be.

That’s interesting because there are quite a number of blackjack games on Did this have to do anything with the creation of your Bitcoin casino?

We are a team of professionals from the Gaming Industry, we have over 30 years of experience between us, and we can see a bright future for Bitcoin, so we decided to use our vast knowledge to setup a Bitcoin Casino. We are big fans of Casino’s ourselves and wanted to be able to offer our favourite games to our customers. We know that many Bitcoin fanatics are also keen gamblers, so it seemed like a natural and logical step.

Why Bitcoin, though? How did you become interested in it and perhaps other cryptocurrencies?

I’ve followed the Bitcoin phenomenon from the start, but started taking it seriously about 2 years ago when I bought my first coins, tracking it’s progress since then has been fascinating. I wasn’t sure about it to start with but eventually took the plunge and bought some. I think they are great currencies and big things are to come from the likes of Litecoin and Dogecoin

Let’s talk about the development process of BitWin Casino. How was it and how long did it take?

From start to launch, about 6 months. Obviously offering Bitcoin we take out the need to work with Payment Processors. This is obviously our biggest attraction for our players; they can deposit and withdraw very quickly, which they are generally unable to do with real money, especially if they are playing at offshore sportsbooks.

Are there plans to integrate alternative payment options besides the use of cryptocurrencies? How about altcoins like Dogecoin and Litecoin?

We currently only offer Bitcoin as a payment method. It’s definitely something we are considering, no decision made at the moment; we follow all those crypto currencies very closely.

If you were to choose the best things about your brand, what would they be?

Our players are able to deposit and withdraw very quickly; this is absolutely fundamental to our principles. I played at offshore sportsbooks before we set up Bitwin and the most frustrating thing was always trying to get a payout. With Bitcoin, it’s instant. We also have some very good games provided by industry leaders Betsoft, their 3D slots are way ahead of anyone else’s.

What do you think are the key features that set BitWin apart from the land-based casinos?

Bitcoin is so easy to use; no payment processors to deal with. All transactions done between the Casino and the Player – Much easier for all! We allow players the opportunity to play their favourite Casino games, on the move and without leaving home. A land based Casino can also be quite intimidating which a lot of players don’t like.

If BitWin Casino would have a mission statement, what would it be?

We’re here to provide a service for our players, we want to be the best out there and I think we’re on the way to doing that. We have some incredible games that our competitors don’t. As I mentioned, the 3D slots from Betsoft are way off the scale.

What have been your greatest accomplishments with your brand and what can be considered its revolutionary offering?

We’ve seen our Customer base grow massively, and I firmly believe this is down to the quality of games we offer. Our 3D Slots from Betsoft are the best in the business, bar absolutely none!

That’s wonderful. Are there already plans where BitWin will be heading to in two years or even in the long run?

Bigger and better games, more variety, and industry leading Customer Service as it is now. Hopefully we can offer more crypto currency deposit options and be the best out there. We want to be the best Bitcoin Casino, as simple as that! We are growing, day by day, but we are staying focused on for the time being.

Sounds great, but do you get nervous, though, whenever there’s an abundance of high-rollers and they get very lucky?

Haha Yes, you can’t control luck though.

And another you can’t completely control are the gambling laws and cryptocrrency regualtions. What are your thoughts?

I hope it stays as it is!

Do you think Bitcoin will be more stable in the future, and what must be done for it to be the most reliable form of payment?

I’m really expecting big things from Bitcoin in the next couple of years. Hopefully more people adopt it and it can grow steadily and be something that’s an everyday part of our lives. More people to adopt it basically. With more adopters, confidence in the currency can only grow.

Can you share your Bitcoin price prediction?

I’d say over $1500 in 2 years’ time. Optimistic maybe, but not impossible!

Certainly not impossible, Ray. I wish nothing but the best for your brand, and thank you for your time!



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