Chitty Bang by Pariplay Launches with 3 Banging Features

Pariplay’s latest Chitty Bang takes on a classic slot design with a unique modern twist. The features of the game are all about going for the BIG payout without breaking the retro slot style.

Richard Mintz, commercial and marketing director of Pariplay, said:

“To broaden the appeal of Chitty Bang to all demographics of players worldwide, we aimed to seamlessly combine the classic look and feel of a popular fruit slots game with slick modern features. We believe the game is one of our most exciting and sophisticated yet and will serve as a stunning addition to any iGaming brand’s casino offering.”

Here are the three features of Chitty Bang Pariplay that will make players eager to play the game in any of Pariplay’s partner casinos.

Chitty Bang by Pariplay1| 972 Ways to Win

The most noticeable feature of Chitty Bang is the shape of the reels. The left side has a 3×3 layout while the right has a 2×6 layout.

This unusual reel matrix is paired with an All-Ways-Pay feature that lets players match similar symbols across the reels, regardless of position. This gives players 972 ways to match symbols on the reels and win coins in return.

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 2| Giant Re-Spin

When playing Chitty Bang, players will encounter symbols with an orange box on the 3×3 grid. The game’s Giant Re-Spin feature activates when the said symbols fill the reel.

As the name implies, the Giant Re-Spin feature spins the reels again and replaces all symbols on the left reel with 3×3 Giant Stacked symbols. A Giant Stacked symbol will always appear in full on the left reel and will not have any partial symbols land on the reel where one icon occupies only 1×3 or 2×3 of the matrix. This means that players are guaranteed to have a 3×3 Stacked symbol which equates to a large win with the Giant Re-Spin feature.

3| Scatter Mode with Giant Stacked Symbols

Landing on three, four, and five Bang symbols rewards players with eight, 12, and 40 spins, respectively. Players can also extend the Scatter Mode when more Bang symbols appear during any free spins. During this round, One Bang symbol gives two additional free spins while two Bang symbols give four spins.

The interesting aspect of Chitty Bang’s Scatter mode is the appearance of 2×2 Giant Stacked symbols on the right side of the reels while all smaller symbols are removed. Like in the Giant Re-Spin feature, there will only be three 2×2 Giant Stacked symbols and no four or more partial symbols to ensure players maximize their wins.

Players can find Chitty Bang on any Pariplay partner casinos. With the new slot being an HTML5 format game, players can spin the reels while on the go.

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