CloudBet Intensifies Account Security through 2-Step Authentication

Cloudbet 2-Step Authentication

Bitcoin casino and sportsbook CloudBet now offers a new 2-Step Authentication security measure to further keep user accounts safe from possible online threats.

Powered by Google Authenticator, the new security system strengthens its protection against any form of attacks that target the accounts of the CloudBet members. However, those who opt to activate this feature will be the only ones to benefit.

According to the procedure posted on its website and on, betting accounts, which have this security feature enabled, will experience a slight change in the sign-up process. Users will now need to have access to their mobile phones every time they wish to log in to this betting site and place bets on Bitcoin casino games or sports.

Logging in still requires the step of entering the registered password, but with the 2-Step Authentication, players will be asked to enter a six-digit authentication code that is sent to their phones through the Google Authenticator mobile app.

Before users can take advantage of CloudBet’s new security system, they must first install on their iOS or Android-powered mobile phones the Google Authenticator mobile app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Once the mobile app is installed, CloudBet members must go to their account settings page and enable there the 2-Step Authentication function. Activating it will also generate an eight-digit code, which users should take note of, because this will serve as the key to regain access to their accounts should their mobile phones get lost or stolen.

Moreover, CloudBet’s new security system enables members to provide a permanent, safe withdrawal address, which will function as the alternative wallet address where CloudBet can send balances in the event players fail to access their account.

This Bitcoin casino and sportsbook also reminded its members that the alternative withdrawal addresses they will provide cannot be modified anymore.