Coinbase Eases The Pursuit Of Virtual Currency

The Pursuit For Virtual Currency

Coinbase, founded by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ersam, is a Bitcoin exclusive wallet provider and exchange platform that now provides its services in 26 countries across the globe.

The pursuit for virtual currency is rising undeniably, which stimulated the emergence of such exchange platforms. Initially, individuals who desire to acquire bitcoins can do so through bank transfers. Following that was the expansion of Bitcoin payment processing capabilities for names like Braintree, PayPal, and Stripe.

Now, Coinbase supports the use of 3D secure credit and debit cards, which takes away the need to pre-fund their accounts via bank transfers. This enables for a faster process of receiving the purchased bitcoins.

The technology employed by Visa requires users to verify their identities using a secure password, which most banks in Europe support. In return, Coinbase will charge an additional three-percent for these services offered. As of now, only Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro cards are acknowledged for Bitcoin purchases—and all must not fail to meet the one-pound minimum.

Bitcoin Adoption Worldwide

Moreover, the exchange platform offers other services, including a Bitcoin exchange, a developer platform for API, and merchant tools for accepting Bitcoin payments. All of these options boost the versatility of Coinbase.

The company seeks to make available its 3D secure credit and debit card payments in 30 countries by 2016. Meanwhile, the site is live in 30 countries for other traditional payment methods.

Added efficiency for online gamblers

Bitcoin bettors that reside in one of these 26 countries can experience hassle-free and instant Bitcoin purchases with fiat currency. This is not something every exchange can offer as the majority still shows a significant gap between the confirmation and the reception of Bitcoin.

Coinbase, which was established in 2012, continues to extend its services to further countries. This denotes that more bettors should expect to have access to the efficient exchange system.

Not every eGaming site provides a Bitcoin exchange for new cryptocurrency bettors, which means players have to rely on a different platform for them to be able to acquire bitcoins, and that is where the brand is put to use.

Bitcoin in Online Gambling

Take note that Coinbase strictly follows regulations concerning the legality of Bitcoin and online gambling in certain countries. Users who would like to avail themselves of the brand’s services have to double-check with the support team whether they will permit the application of bitcoins purchased from their site for online gaming purposes, whether or not the Bitcoin games and casinos are provably fair. This is a precautionary step for the brand that will ensure no laws are violated.

Regardless of these strict policies followed by Coinbase, it is a breath of fresh air for gamblers to know that there are trustworthy exchanges out there that they can depend on for their cryptocurrency gambling requirements.