CoinGG Merges Recent Bets and Chats on New Timeline

CoinGG Timeline

Online players will now be able to view all recent bets and chats in one place after Bitcoin roulette platform CoinGG unveiled yesterday its newest and most significant update so far—the timeline.

Designed to provide access to important information in just one glance, the CoinGG timeline sets itself apart from the common ones employed by most Bitcoin casino and gambling websites by combining the chats and the recent bets in one tab, instead of separating them across the interface.

This setup, however, may become too confusing for some players, but the gambling platform had already come prepared with its additional features to ensure a user-friendly and well-organized timeline.

To address instances of timeline flooding, especially by bets done via the Autospin feature, CoinGG has incorporated an intelligent bet filtering system that displays only one of the most interesting bets every three seconds, according to the post on the official blog of CoinGG.

Moreover, the platform added another feature where each unique player will automatically bear its own color on the timeline for easy identification and differentiation of the bets placed and of the messages sent.

Meanwhile, a quick scrutiny of the timeline reveals the six divisions or columns, each bearing a unique piece of information, namely the player’s name, time of the bet or chat, wagered amount for the bet, maximum win, profit, and the lucky number. For chat entries, however, the last four columns have been dedicated to the message.

With its timeline already integrated into its Bitcoin roulette interface, CoinGG has also announced its plans to implement more filters in the future. Relevant functions to be expected include the ability to have the option of displaying the recent bets only, the chat messages only, or the combination of the two.

Prior the timeline update, CoinGG has been recently enhancing its services with one in June, which involved the database, causing the server seeds of all players to be changed mandatorily without affecting the provably fair feature and its verification method.