Coinimal-NETELLER Partnership Boosts BTC Reception

Coinimal-NETELLER Partnership

Coinimal, a Europe-based digital currency merchant, has further improved its services by integrating NETELLER’s system to its foundation, greatly complementing the progressive advancements of the European Bitcoin communities.

Launched in December 2014, the startup is geared toward the widespread accessibility of Bitcoin in Europe. Since then, Coinimal has been one of the major Bitcoin Buy-and-Sell platforms in all of Europe while also providing Litecoin and Next transactions.

Unlike other Bitcoin merchants, Coinimal prides itself on its fast-paced process that only requires users to log in and initiate payments. It is an automated platform that immediately process transactions as soon as payments are confirmed, providing its customers with the best and swiftest service in the business.

With its partnership with NETELLER, the Bitcoin merchant has now achieved greater heights in the field of digital currency transactions.


Coinimal’s partnership with NETELLER

NETELLER has made its distinction on the Internet gateways by revolutionizing the digital finance landscape. Just last month, it has become one of the major financial institutions that cater to accepting Bitcoin in its array of accepted currency.

Moreover, NETELLER has a roster of payment options that include credit and prepaid cards, bank transfers, and Bitcoin. Now partnering with Coinimal, NETELLER has now opened these options to the latter’s customers.

Coinimal CEO Paul Klanschek feels tremendously honored that NETELLER has chosen his platform. He stated that since NETELLER’s adoption of Bitcoin, the payments processor has decided to partner with his company because of its evident dedication they showcased of towards cryptocurrencies.

Klanschek added:

“We are extremely proud to be the first crypto merchant in the world to accept NETELLER officially. NETELLER decided to do this pilot project with us because they feel that we are the most sophisticated, serious bitcoin gateway in the world, and our compliance is stellar, commented.”

The recent partnership between the two opened more doors. Coinimal’s clients can expect the company to expand further in the European market, along with new features that are to be announced in the following weeks.

Moreover, customers can now purchase €25 worth of bitcoins without full verification of their accounts, allowing them to test the platform for further recommendations.

Partnership’s effect in the Bitcoin casino market in Europe

Europe has been housing one of the largest Bitcoin casino communities in the world. In fact, all Bitcoin advancements greatly affect the stability of the casino market and in this case, the European casino community shows great reception towards the partnership.

Geared toward a smoother and hassle-free process, the Coinimal-NETELLER partnership significantly impacts the gameplay of players in the region.

For instance, players of Bitstarz, a Bitcoin casino that accepts both Euro and BTC currencies for its Bitcoin games, can further improve their payment options to improve Bitcoin casino experience.

On the other hand, casinos such as, which caters to European gamblers, can also benefit from the recent partnership for it encourages more Bitcoin aficionados to venture into the casino industry with the assurance of a clean and swift BTC-to-fiat payment system.

The progression of Bitcoin towards a simple and clear process is dawning. As this day is coming to realization, it is evident that the Bitcoin ecosystem, especially the gambling industry, will boom, welcoming more possibilities and opportunities to the world that is revolutionized by this cryptocurrency.