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Crypto Gambling Site Eyes More Coins and Functions in 2015

Website Administrator Uwe shared with Best Bitcoin Casino their plans to improve the cryptocurrency gambling services that are already offered on is a new betting platform designed for Bitcoin, Blackcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. It focuses on sports betting, but it also has games that offer the same fun and excitement found in the Bitcoin casino games prevalent in the Bitcoin casino market. Moreover, it features a simple and transparent platform that is easy for everyone to use.

I was able to speak with Uwe, the website administrator, and learned more about the brand, its current state, and the features it has in store in the future.

Hi Uwe. What can you say is the best thing about How about the advantages of operating it?

It is a fair and transparent betting website. Every transaction—deposit and withdrawal—is in the Blockchain. We make betting possible for multiple altcoins and not only for Bitcoin. You do not bet against a bookie or house because over a longer period, the house always wins.

On, users bet against each other. For hosting and bringing new features to the website, we take a small fee. If more users bet on the website, we will lower this fee. Any amount can be placed, and there is no minimum bet. We also refund bets that are coming in too late and take no fees for late transactions. Moreover, no user account is needed. User accounts can´t be hacked because there is no user account.

Bitwin.coHow was the process of launching this website, though?

We started in September with the idea to make a simple and easy to use betting service. After a long beta testing phase we launched the website mid November 2014.

It’s only been a few weeks. How does it feel?

The website isn’t online a long time. The launch was great…to see everything working like it should. We wanted to build an easy-to-use website. No user account that can be hacked. Multicoin and multisports for over 20 altcoins. A website from user to user.

Can you share the most surprising challenge in this business so far for your Bitcoin brand?

To get more users on the website. We have not big budget like other gambling websites. They earn a lot of money and can make more ads on the web. I don’t want to earn a lot with the website. I just want to make it easy for users to bet against each other with crypto currencies and make some sure bets with traditional bookies. Earn 2.000 USD without a risk. This will come soon. 100% no risk!

Bitwin.coIf for instance there are speculations or signs that a player cheats on the platform, how would you handle it?

Any user can´t cheat. Everything is on the blockchain, so cheating is not possible. We work with timestamps; thus, only confirmed bets count. We use the “from” address from the blockchain transaction to send users their winnings back. Again, no account is needed.

On the server side, we have an encrypted connection, 24/7 monitoring, and DDOS protection. Also, we change all passwords very often and use cold storage. Only a few coins remain on hot wallets, and never more than 1 BTC. It is not attractive to hack the website or server because they don’t get our or user coins.

Are there plans to expand, and do you have similar projects in the works?

For the expansion, a board will come soon. New coins and new functions will be added in 2015, including VIP rally, referral, addition of events and bets, and so much more.

For the other projects, there are none at the moment. I want to concentrate on this project. I will spend all my free time to get more functions and more coins to this website.

One of the accepted cryptos is Bitcoin. What do you think it needs to become the most used payment method?

Mass adoption and stable prices. Bitcoin will never succeed if the price of Bitcoin will not be stable. But we are in the very early stages yet. And I think we will see much higher prices in the future but with this also a high volatility.

You seem very supportive of cryptocurrency.

I am in crypto since late 2012. I heard about new online crypto currencies in the media and read a lot about Bitcoin and other coins. Since this time, I am in different communities to support bitcoins and innovative altcoins. I love it a lot. There are a lot of great people around. But sometimes also a lot of scam, so never trust a stranger.

Before anything else, I’m sure the community of players are interested to know if there is some sort VIP program or promotions like the ones typically offered in a Bitcoin casino?

Not at the moment. We plan to make some activity rally to give some fees back to the active users. More will come soon. VIP Program & affiliate are on the top of our to-do list.

Thank you for this opportunity and all the best!



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