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Crypto-Games Ensures Provable Fairness In Games

Provably fair wants players to be able to trust online casinos, which is why they are encouraging the use of verifiable fairness.

Provably Fair

Part of an enjoyable gaming experience for players is being able to trust the online casino that they are playing at. With much of the inner workings of an online casino being invisible to the player, there is always a little doubt in their minds that the operator is somehow messing with the results. This is why, on its second anniversary, recently made a few announcements on the importance of provable fairness.

The importance of provable fairness

In the past, most players trusted online casinos that often had a third-party tester’s seal of assurance that a site is dealing fairly with its players. However, people nowadays are not as trusting of the fact that someone else is doing the testing for them. This is where provable fairness comes in. A site being provably fair means that players can check for themselves whether they are being cheated.

The idea of this is using cryptographic hash functions from blockchain itself. It allows data to be turned into a string of numerals and characters. It should be very hard to duplicate the hash or crack it. This allows for casinos to prove that they did not change the random basis of the seed, without needing to actually show the seed.

Before a bet begins, a gambling server generates a seed and sends this as a hashed function to the player. The player can then generate a random seed which is added to the hash function. When the bet is done, the player can decrypt the hash function via a tester to determine that it is the same transaction that began. If the function matches then it means no external interference has happened.

As an example of how provable fairness can be implemented, showed off its own lottery gaming service. It depends on Random Picker which is a widely trusted result obfuscation service. In this way, players can be assured that the result is honest. Additional security protocols are implemented to protect platform’s stability from malicious practices.


The Crypto-Games agenda has been solidly working on developing its service for some time now, which is evident in its Bitcoin games. As the site managers state:

“Our mission is to be the leading digital entertainment company that anticipates market demands and delights our players by offering smart, safe, and fun virtual money games. Moreover, we aim to help as many people as possible to gamble for their own personal reasons.”

With an online gambling website offering four games: Dice, Blackjack, Slot, Roulette Lottery, players are able to wager with some of the leading online currencies out there. With the provably fair, players can be assured that they are playing on an even field. A lot of players like that sense of honesty and this can be another attraction to what is looking to become a very good online gaming site.



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