Crypto Poker Makes History With 6-Day BTC Event

Crypto Poker

April 12 of this year marks the history of one of the most exciting events in Bitcoin poker., a cryptocurrency-based gambling site, is giving away yet another set of fantastic promotions to their beloved patrons.

Apart from giving their clients a chance to participate in the upcoming WSOP 2015, Crypto Poker organized an extravagant rendezvous that definitely entices the senses of gambling aficionados across the globe.

6 BTC in 6 Days Giveaway Madness

Dubbed as ‘6 BTC in 6 Days Giveaway Madness,’ the promotion launched over the weekend is a unique six-day event that run until April 17.

Its latest promotion is scheduled to have two freeroll tournaments every day—one in the afternoon and one in the evening, depending on the players’ time zone.

The afternoon freeroll guarantees participants 250 mBTC while players for the evening roll will be guaranteed 500 mBTC. Moreover, joining this Bitcoin poker event requires no extra or hidden charges and only requires participants to have their own unique password.

Bitcoin Gambling Promotions

Extra rewards also in store

In addition, a minimum of 250 mBTC is guaranteed for gamblers in their Lucky Ring Game all day long. Bitcoin bettors actively playing in any of the ring games will also have a chance to win the lucky seat that opens its doors for more spectacular prizes.

This seat giveaway prize depends on the limit of the table the players are in. The higher the table limit, the bigger the reward.

Meanwhile, Crypto Poker has also introduced their new bonus deposit that awaits new members of the community. Newly registered members may get their hands on the very much anticipated deposit bonus that instantly doubles their initial deposit up to 2 BTC.

Crypto Poker, though still climbing up the ranks on the online Bitcoin poker market, has made its distinction amid the giant population of Bitcoin casinos. With customer satisfaction as their spearhead motto, it is to be expected that these events held by the online casino will never be a disappointment.