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Best Crypto Sports Betting Sites You Should Choose

What’s blockchain sports betting and what are the best crypto sports betting sites that should be on your favorites list?

What Are Crypto Betting Sites?

The crypto gambling industry is growing faster than most industries in recent times. It has been approximately estimated that the crypto games and sports betting industry holds the record of the largest share in the global betting industry.

From a report published by Zion Market Research in 2017, it has been observed that the global sports betting market has a value of approximately $104.31 billion which will witness a hike to $155.49 billion by the year 2024.

The decentralized blockchain platforms offer the players utmost transparency, which is the sole reason for the massive growth of this betting industry.

Players can place their bets on anything from sports, esports to politics in crypto casinos. Various game options are available, too, where the player places their bets according to the market and their sole predictions. The betting sites come with various opportunities to earn mouthwatering cash backs, daily bonus options, as well as prize money that none can neglect.

Crypto Sports Betting 2022

The high expectations from the crypto games betting industry and their ever-growing success rates invite new enthusiastic investors to the blockchain platforms. The widespread legalization of crypto gambling has been showing positive signs in recent years and is expected to reach a peak within 2022.

Blockchain Sports Betting

Blockchain platforms have some very special and important characteristics that have become the sole reason for revolutionary changes in the global betting industry.

The founding stone of the blockchain platforms is transparency. The codes used in these platforms can be examined and viewed on GITHUB. The players can track their payments easily through a block explorer.

The usage of smart contracts in blockchain betting sites has removed any middleman operations. Hence, the participants do not rely on and trust any central authority. Now the players can place their bets by themselves without the help of central operators.

Crypto gambling sites offer players the chance to be better creators. It can be any sports and politics; weather forecasts are not out of the list of betting.

The decentralization of these blockchain platforms comes with reduced fees. Decentralization helps the players participate in fairer games than before, and their winning chances receive a notable hike.

Where to Place Bets With Crypto?

The benefits of easy deposits, fast withdrawals and low fees are the key features behind the popularity of crypto gambling sites. Besides, a wide variety of game options have attracted players to trust and choose according to their choices. Crypto casinos accept various cryptocurrencies as the mode of transaction. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana have made the top of the list of the currencies accepted by the sites.

There are various sites available and the increasing demand for crypto betting has resulted in the creation of some more online betting sites offering players bonuses and exciting prizes. Some of the topmost sites are discussed as follows.

Cloudbet Crypto Sports Betting

Cloudbet is one of the famous licensed casinos in the world. The players need to go through very simple steps to create an account. This particular betting website enlists a wide range of options to bet. Cloudbet offers more than 900 options of crypto games and sports betting markets to their players, among which Dota 2 is the player’s top choice. There are many promotional offers available and bonuses that are not negligible. The transaction rates are pretty affordable, and there is no withdrawal limit in this crypto casinos platform.

FortuneJack Crypto Sports Betting

FortuneJack, one of the famous online casinos, enlists a huge stock of unique sports categories. It comes with a deposit bonus higher than the others. More than hundreds of games are available to bet on. In-play promos and lucrative offers are the base of this online betting site, which attracts players worldwide. The player’s privacy and 24*7 customer support have made this website a top pick in the list of online crypto betting sites.

BetOnline Crypto Sports Betting

BetOnline is one of the legit betting sites that offer players to place their bets without the risk of any fraud and scams. This website is quite famous in the United States. has been offering its participants good quality of service for nearly 10 years. They have high success rates in credit card deposits and come with many other banking options.

Rolletto Crypto Sports Betting

Rolletto is the new addition to successful and safe online crypto casinos sites. Established in 2020, this betting site holds a Curacao licence. Rolletto enlists various monthly events, including more than 15 games and 350 exotic bets at the topmost soccer matches. Rolletto members are offered to choose between Asian and European views according to their choices, and they are likely to receive some extra advantages like Edit and save my bets.

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