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Cryptocurrencies to Completely Replace FIAT in July 2020

Today will be remembered in history as the day when cryptocurrencies beat FIAT currencies. Today we woke at the beginning of a new era -The Crypto Era.

On 31st March 2020 another edition of the annual World Crypto Summit (WCS) took place, which was attended by the leaders of 171 countries worldwide. As the WCS is over, news about the upcoming changes in the world of finance is reaching the public.

The biggest news coming from the Summit is a fact, all 171 leaders of the countries worldwide voted “Aye!” with no exception to the suggested change, which is to completely replace FIAT money by cryptocurrencies instead of making fiat money equal to cryptocurrencies. By this decision, doomsday of FIAT money was scheduled for the last day of June 2020.

It was necessary for all votes to be positive in order to have its unexpected result. This voting did not go without any drama. It was caused by the US president, famously known for his skepticism about cryptocurrencies. However, once an unknown world leader shouted from the crowd “Crypto is great!”, the US president instantly became a fan of cryptocurrencies.

On the post-meeting press conference Donald Trump said:

“It is truly an amazing and unexpected turn in the financial sphere as we know it today and great times are awaiting us with the new tremendous possibilities of cryptocurrencies”.

As decision came as lightning from the sky, preparations of the world for the new Crypto Era started worldwide. All business owners are being instructed on how to switch from FIAT to Crypto when paying salaries to its employees as of July 1st 2020 and since FIAT money will not have any value after this date, preparations are taken very seriously to avoid any scary scenarios for the citizens of each country.

Another example is Visa, as the company is introducing its crypto terminal which will be available as of 20th April. It will be distributed worldwide to all conventional card terminals that are currently used by businesses where cashless payments are possible.

Educational programs are to be launched in every country in order to educate its citizens on how to use crypto wallets. In addition to this, new wallets for the elderly are in development to ensure fonts are big enough for them to read the wallet addresses without any limitations.

We at are truly thrilled by this amazing news and we are happy to be living in times, when the majority of players will be using only cryptocurrencies not only when playing Bitcoin casino games at online casinos, but also in land-based casinos.

Note: Editorial of is fully aware that the information in this article is too good to be true, so please be informed, the news stated above is pure fiction and does not correspond with reality. Happy April fool’s day! Follow on Twitter for the latest news and developments in crypto and blockchain gaming.


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