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Cryptocurrency Does Not Stop With Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency Is Not Limited To Bitcoin

The world of cryptocurrency is not limited to Bitcoin. Although it fathered the technology, multiple brands emerged after the success of the first digital currency. These brands are often referred to as alternative coins or altcoins.

Oftentimes, altcoins are neglected by bettors upon adopting Bitcoin, mainly due to its pioneer status that makes it the trustworthy brand in the virtual currency market. But much like Bitcoin, altcoins are decentralized and developed only to exist in the digital world and transactions.

All cryptocurrency are limited in number and operate under the mining principle for them to be acquired. Nevertheless, this does not mean that these coins will run out in number, but rather be divided into smaller fractions to be able to provide for each user who wishes to obtain them.

Here are some of the well-known cryptocurrencies that are accepted by popular online gambling brands and Bitcoin games:


Possibly the next most recognizable brand after Bitcoin, Litecoin is one brand that any bettor can acknowledge without the difficulties of searching for online casinos that accept it. There are a number of gaming sites that accept this virtual currency, including Anonymous Casino and

Altcoin Gambling


Introduced three years after the ancestor of cryptocurrency was launched, Peercoin begins to make its way to the top of the altcoin ladder. Should a bettor want to try out casinos that accept this, Crypto-games and Casino Evolution are the go-to names.


Dogecoin started out with speedy production of coins, which helped it gain popularity in the industry. The Dogecoin network aims to produce 100 billion coins, making it one of the biggest altcoins in terms of volume. One of the best ways to multiply these altcoins is through online gambling using the following games and services offered by BitcoinPengiun and


Formerly known as Darkcoin, Dash is a reputable brand when it comes to virtual currency payments. Dash offers a more private system, which is appropriate for bettors who fancy a more anonymous nature to their online gambling. Gamers can enjoy using the virtual currency on Satoshibet and the online sports betting site DirectBet.


Also known as NVC, it is an altcoin that belongs to one of the 15 biggest cryptocurrencies in the world. Just like Bitcoin, it offers anonymity in online casinos that accept it. One of the biggest names to welcome the altcoin is FortuneJack.

Play With Altcoin

These names do not even cover a third of all existing altcoins today, which means that the online gambling industry is yet to see the tip of the cryptocurrency iceberg.

Having altcoins offer bettors a variety of entertainment that may not be available on other Bitcoin exclusive platforms is a plus for this niche market. Judging from the amount of online casinos offering the acceptance of Bitcoin and altcoins, there is an immense amount of room available for the growth of cryptocurrency in the niche.

At the rate the cryptocurrencies are performing, it becomes evident that the success Bitcoin has attained also affects the growth of the altcoins not only in the online gambling market but also across various industries.



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