Currently Trending Altcoins Spark Interest on Future Markets


A list of alternative cryptocurrencies has been the talk of the town, and this fact makes it all more interesting what lies ahead for the altcoin market.


The past months and years saw the debut of several alternative currencies that followed or took hints of the footsteps of Bitcoin. While some seem to be facing troubles in finding their own niche in the cryptocurrency world, there are those that have successfully caught the attention of the traders and adopters, and therefore, they have been included in the list of supported cryptocoins in a Bitcoin casino.

Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Namecoin are some of the coins that are commonly used for betting on Bitcoin games online. However, it looks like the Shiba Inu-inspired digital coin is gearing up to be Bitcoin’s main alternative for online gambling with the increasing number of bettors using DOGE as wagers and not just for social tipping. Clearly, the world of cryptocurrency is not limited to Bitcoin.


This is not far from happening, especially now that Dogecoin is in preparation for its adoption of auxiliary proof of work (AuxPOW)—the component that will finally enable it to merge-mine with fellow altcoin Litecoin. With AuxPOW, this cryptoin’s network will have more power and security to support more transactions that can potentially cater the Dogecoin gambling niche as well.

Meanwhile, more coins with specific purposes and functions have graced the headlines lately.


Ripoffcoin, which calls itself the ultimate scamcoin to rule them all, banks on its goal to educate people regarding the threats and scams that can easily befall them due to the idea of generating money for themselves instead of supporting technologies or initiatives that aim to contribute to certain developments.

Developers of the ripoffcoin project also hinted that its cryptocoin may take on the same role as Dogecoin, depending on the reception and perception of the cryptocurrency communities.


On another note, Urocoin, which is specifically designed to cater for the agricultural sector, is also making trends with its infrastructure updates, new digital currency wallet called Nuro, and support for mobile devices that have new and older technologies.


Furthermore, Shadowcoin, which highlights anonymous transactions using stealth addresses, made a name for itself by launching a secure messaging system integrated within its desktop wallet, as well as a mobile wallet that features special functions.

With more specific altcoins making waves in the market, it is exciting to know what is in store for altcoin users in the future. Likewise, it is interesting to find out when coins exclusive to online gambling, say CasinoCoin, will take off in the betting arena. However, the real question is:

Will Bitcoin and Dogecoin bettors be amenable to using another coin for gambling and if the users in general will find more use of newer cryptocurrencies?

With talks about NeuCoin in the drawing board, will we see a NeuCoin versus Bitcoin showdown soon?

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