DAO.Casino Shows Promising Ethereum Gambling Platform

The DAO.Casino Ethereum gambling platform is one of the few that makes use of Ether’s smart contracts. This allows the platform to have an automatic economic system with a balanced usability.

The platform allows for a democratized gambling structure where every contributor will get a fair compensation and recognition. This also helps to create a secure and sustainable gambling platform.

DAO.Casino infrastructure

DAO.Casino works in a way where everyone gets a fair cut of the payment. This includes the platform operators, game developers, affiliates, as well as the random number generators. Every contributor’s compensation comes from an investor or player BET or the platform’s tokens.

How Dao.Casino works


Referrals and operators are compensated for each paying player or client to the platform. Developers receive BET for games made to the platform. RNG providers also receive its cut for each game result it randomly generates. A player receives a percentage of his BET if he wins his wagers.

Unlike traditional casinos, including Bitcoin casinos and altcoin casinos, DAO.Casino uses blockchain technology. The platform uses complex math or an Ethereum-backed code to calculate the funds to give to a contributor. This ensures that all contributors and players get a fair payment as well as creating a sustainable gambling scene.

Ilya Tarutov, DAO.Casino CEO, said:

“There are ways of providing a much better experience for the players and the game devs while creating a sustainable business model that scales. Ethereum provides a very useful technology to achieve this.”

Benefits of the DAO.Casino

One of the main benefits of the Ethereum-powered platform is its transparency. The fund’s distribution, random number generation, and everything else is done with a code that anyone can verify with a cryptographic method. Everyone knows how the system works and no one can alter or change the code that will benefit only a few.

The ones who will benefit from the transparency of the infrastructure are the players. In a traditional casino, players have no means to verify if the casino is providing a fair result in all of its games. With the DAO.Casino, players can see if the random number generated by a game is authentic or not.

The Ethereum platform benefits both game makers and players because of its peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace. Game makers can bypass publishers and even casino operators to directly deliver its game to the players.

There are no commissions or expenses to pay when using the DAO.Casino. This allows for indie game developers to make its unique software for players to enjoy. All game makers also retain its games’ intellectual property.

Another important aspect of the DAO.Casino is its security. At this point of time, there are no means to hack the Ethereum blockchain technology. This provides protection against attacks on the games and front-end casinos on the platform.

Meanwhile, there are Bitcoin casinos and betting sites that already accept Ether as deposits and bets. vDice.io, for example offers Ethereum-based casino games, while online dice games that accept Ether include Bitsler.