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DAO.Casino Token Sale Campaign Begins on June 29

DAO.Casino announces its token sale campaign which will start on June 29. The casino also released a blackjack beta that uses the casino blockchain.

The DAO.Casino token sale campaign will help the development of its decentralized protocol, and this campaign will begin on June 29.

The token sale follows the release of the beta version of DAO.Casino’s blackjack software which runs on the casino’s blockchain protocol. The blackjack software makes full use of what the protocol offers, such as its crowd sourced random number generator.

DAO.Casino token sale

DAO.Casino will begin selling its token called BET and will be available for 28 days or until the maximum cap is reached. The maximum cap of the sale is $25 million worth in Ether.

DAO.Casino holds token sale on June 29

DAO.Casino is seeing an incredible amount of demand and orders for the token in a short amount of time as it announces it a token sale. What’s more, the demand was more than what the casino can supply. This is why the maximum cap of the token sale is set to $25 million worth in Ether. The team believes the amount is enough to meet the incredible demand while offering everyone the opportunity to be part of the project.

There are seven stages in the pricing of the BET throughout the campaign.

  • 1st day – 1 ETH = 2000 BET
  • 2nd – 14th day – 1 ETH = 1800 BET
  • 15th – 17th day – 1 ETH = 1700 BET
  • 18TH – 20TH day – 1 ETH = 1600 BET
  • 21st – 23rd day – 1 ETH = 1500 BET
  • 24th – 26th day – 1 ETH = 1400 BET
  • 27th – 28th day – 1 ETH = 1300 BET

Anyone willing to participate can use any Ethereum client or any Ether wallet where the owner controls the private key. The team warns users not to send Ether from online exchanges such as Coinbase or Kraken.

To buy BET, interested investors should visit the DAO.Casino website. It is important to avoid buying BET from any third-party individuals or companies since buyers may fall victims to such phishing attempts.

DAO.Casino blackjack game

Meanwhile, DAO.Casino recently released a beta version of a blackjack game that makes use of its blockchain protocol. Unlike a regular Bitcoin blackjack game, this blackjack beta game runs on Ether smart contracts and has every feature of the DAO.Casino protocol. Two of these features include the bankroll backer and implement random in Ethereum virtual machine.

It took the team awhile to create a blackjack game with the smart contract since the code was too big for a single contract. A workaround for this problem is to split the contract into several parts to make the blackjack game run normally. This game uses five major contracts and three added contracts.

DAO.Casino blackjack uses a confirmation method in the contract for its fair random component. The software uses a 3D graphic interface. The game is currently playable. However, the team is working on speeding the gameplay to match the speed of other blackjack software, possibly even match the performance of online dice games accepting Ether and other cryptocurrencies.

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