Demand for Bitcoin Casino, Desire to Enrich Bitcoin Knowledge Soar

Bitcoin Education

Betting in a Bitcoin casino may not be as significantly popular as gambling in brick-and-mortar casinos. However, this new form of online gambling activity has been successful in promoting the digital currency and in generating interest among gambling enthusiasts, with its influence spreading beyond the betting arena.

The demand for Bitcoin casino gaming and other kinds of Bitcoin gambling continues to be felt in the market, and this allows the industry to welcome more operators in launching their own brands. Strikingly, though, an apparent increase in the curiosity over the main fuel that sparks the life and heart of Bitcoin gambling becomes noticeable, urging certain sectors to take this matter into their own hands.

Such sectors include the academe.

Joining the list of the academic institutions that offer courses on digital currency and cryptocurrencies like the University of Nicosia in Cyprus and the University of Cumbria in UK are two top US colleges: New York University and Duke University.

Titled ‘The Law and Business of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies’, the NYU course on Bitcoin handled by professors Geoffrey Miller and David Yermack revolves on the effects of cryptocurrencies rather than on the fundamentals of Bitcoin.

“The course is not so much about teaching a knowledge of bitcoin, but it’s to show how some of the issues about property, finance and contracts are going to change very quickly in the next century,”

Yermack reportedly said, adding,

”The technology is forcing people to reexamine long-held assumptions.”

Finance Professor Campbell Harvey of Duke University, on a similar note, will be holding his course on ‘Innovation, Disruption and Cryptoventures’ next spring, where he will expound on the opportunities that await businesses with the existence of the blockchain.

Meanwhile, due to the substantial clamor for more Bitcoin knowledge, an online resource on the basics of various cryptocurrencies started to offer free online classes and materials.

Coin Academy prides itself as the first-ever digital currency education platform that enriches the knowledge of Bitcoin and digital currency use among beginner users and merchants.

It currently functions through its donation model for funding, but it is looking at advertising and sponsorship to keep the platform up online.

While betting on Bitcoin games is already a fulfilling activity, it would not hurt for interested avid bettors to indulge in learning more about the digital currencies and their impacts on the macro level.

The Bitcoin courses in the US colleges are expected to be a hit while the online Coin Academy classes serve as great avenues for new bitcoiners to explore the cryptocurrency world.