Demand for Bitcoin Sports Betting Increases

Increasing Demand for Bitcoin Sports Betting

Besides roulette, card games, and slots, sports betting is another dominant and popular arm of the Bitcoin gambling industry. It involves prediction of the outcomes of the sporting events, and basketball, football, tennis, baseball, motorsport racing, and boxing are some of the common sports involved.

Sports betting brings a new angle toward online gambling, and it eliminates alterations of the result. Everyone will be using one result as a standard; the differences lie on the odds players put their wagers on.

Betting on sports becomes more attractive

Sports betting odds are different from those of the usual casino games where the house edge is definite and certain. The outcome can only be predicted to some extent as numerous external factors may come into play, such as the physical condition of the players or team.

There are different odds that may give advantage to the dark horses of the game and balances the two sides. An example of which is the additional score added after the final results.

Bitcoin Sports Betting

Moreover, when compared to casino games, sports betting can be more demanding for players who desire to take it more seriously. Patience and research are two keys that aid the bettors’ forecast. There will be times that the odds will be set in their favor, but overcoming the edge is attainable. Using strategy and sporting knowledge, bettors can come out with a lead.

Otherwise, bettors can still appreciate and be thrilled without having to go through statistics or extensive analyses. Gut feelings and instinct decisions are welcome, indeed, and the mere fact of combining the thrills in anticipating the winner, as well as joining in on the action makes betting on sports a true form of entertainment.

Therefore, the increasing demand for Bitcoin sports betting urged CoinGaming, which is initially a Bitcoin casino software developer, to go back to the drawing board and develop its own sports betting solutions.

CoinGaming launches Bitcoin-only sportsbook

Bitcoin software provider CoinGaming recently launched a new sportsbook that will capture the existing demand for sports betting with bitcoins. Both emerging and existing online casinos looking to add diversity to their Bitcoin games can take advantage of increased revenue with the addition of sports betting to their arsenal.

Furthermore, the new sportsbook will offer more than 10,000 markets every week and will include the less traditional sports. This gives opportunity to certain enthusiasts playing in CoinGaming-powered casinos like

The interest on and appeal of the Bitcoin betting market and the sports scene have been on a rise for the past few years. Bettors are starting to realize the benefits of Bitcoin transactions in this form of gambling. Bitcoin casinos operate on lower costs, which permit the offering of higher odds.

Software developer has also highlighted significant advantages over traditional currency, as well as the features that will interest tech-savvy focused bettors who require instant results through their mobile phones.