Does Adding a Human Element Make Bitcoin Gambling Better?

Bitcoin Live Dealers

Live tables continue to be among the main attractions in online casinos. Among the typical games offered, the live blackjack tables tend to have the largest share of bettors, followed by the live roulette and baccarat, respectively. Overall, though, gambling in a live dealer casino online still proves to be a hit among casino enthusiasts, even in the Bitcoin casino sector.

Apparently, a live casino on a Bitcoin gambling platform is not merely another service offered. It assumes the role other Bitcoin casino elements fail to achieve, and this is established by the underlying advantages real-time betting with the human element provides.

As real as it gets

Having the ability to wager in a setting that is reminiscent of the environment in the brick-and-mortar casinos will always be an advantage. Even though players are only betting in front of their computer screens while lying comfortably within the confines of their cozy place, they are still able to enjoy a little something of the bright lights and the loud cheers familiar to a packed casino floor.

Guaranteeing security

Computer-programed Bitcoin casino games may be labeled provably fair, but it is rather difficult to take the fear or at least the notion of cheating and game manipulation from the players. With real people dealing the cards, spinning the roulette wheel, and basically manning the tables, online bettors get a semblance of safety.

Live DealersMore than the usual live tables

As Bitcoin gambling grows, so does the live dealer casinos. Bitcoin roulette, blackjack, and baccarat are the common live table games featured. However, newer online casinos have added more games to their offerings, enabling players to bet on Bitcoin lottery, dice, and even keno in real-time via the live video feeds.

Bridging the gap

It can be expected to find numerous casino players to jump ship to online gambling, specifically in Bitcoin casinos. However, the significant shift from actual wagering of chips in a land-based gambling location to clicking buttons on a computer to bet in an online casino can be quite overwhelming for others. Thus, the presence of a live dealer casino in a Bitcoin gambling platform will serve as a means for new bettors to become comfortable with the idea of gambling online using bitcoins.

Entertaining and interactive

While others may disagree, it is absolutely logical for some players to find the software-developed games too static despite the extra gimmicks and bonus games they feature. The live dealers, which are naturally women, therefore, spice the experience up as they not only make the atmosphere realistic, but they also add to the excitement through their charm, looks, and gorgeous appeal.

Live Bitcoin casinos have become a mainstay in the market as more brands incorporate it into their systems. BitStars,, and Bitcoinbet are some of the Bitcoin casinos that acknowledge this growing trend that translates into becoming a necessity.