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Effective Tips and Winning Strategies for Bitcoin Bingo

Want to play bingo with Bitcoin but don't exactly know what to do? We've got you covered with winning strategies and tips to help you win in Bitcoin bingo.

Bingo is this age-old game that people from all ages adore. It’s easy and straight to the point plus it’s exciting when the numbers start rolling it. Once bingo was only played with pen and paper, but nowadays it is available online, as well. Not only is bingo online, but players can play using fiat and crypto currencies like Bitcoin. This explains then why you can easily play Bitcoin bingo online.

If you’re new to bingo or you like playing from time to time, we have some great suggestions for strategies that could potentially be winning. Keep in mind that bingo is a game of chance, so don’t rely only on strategies to win your game.

5 Tips You Should Know to Win in Bitcoin Bingo

You can get familiar with some of the best practices to play bingo with Bitcoin. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or an experienced player. Most of these can come in handy at all times, so take them in your back pocket when playing.

Tip #1: Pick a good bingo website.

This needs to be the first thing you do before picking out a bingo game. A good website is one that is regulated by authorities and it has a safe payment system, since the details that you provide are very sensitive. Make a good research around forums and the internet to see what other players prefer and what scores they give.

Some of the best Bitcoin casinos that we recommend are FortuneJack, which is launched in 2014 by Nexus Group Enterprises. It’s a favorite amongst newbies and experts. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the countless good reviews on it or simply go to the casino’s website and check its recent offers and array of services.

Next is mBit Casino which is operated by Direx N.V. Since its launch in 2014, it is “the go-to solution for Bitcoin gaming for a growing number of people all around the world.”. Finally, BitStarz Casino is the “First Hybrid Online Casino.”, which brings all positives of crypto and fiat gaming into exciting games with fantastic design and gameplay.

Tip #2: Buy a big batch of cards.

It’s good practice to do that, because you will multiply your chances of winning or complete a card pattern. It’s common sense to do that, but it’s still good to remind yourself now and then.

Top #3: Search for prizes up for grabs.

Once you get your cards, search for prizes that are up for grabs since depending on the game, the prizes can vary. The same goes for the pattern for that round.

Tip #4: Socialize with fellow players.

Socialization is encouraged when it comes to bingo, since the chat for the game is always open. Moreover, the chat moderators can announce various prizes or competitions, so keep a watchful eye out for them.

Tip #5: Choose a timing with less players.

One of the main reasons that one can win is when there are fewer players available since you can become the winner instantly. With bingo there is no way for the prize money to go up or down depending on the amount of people, so the more, the merrier does not apply here. If you wonder when is the best time to play, we say that weekdays and early mornings or late nights are best.

Learn About the Winning Bitcoin Bingo Strategies

These strategies have big history behind their backs and they’re quite popular amongst bingo fans. Moreover, we believe that they will help you out loads during your next big win at bingo. Check out these winning Bitcoin bingo strategies:

The Granville Strategy

We start off with the Granville strategy that is so brilliant that the stock market adopted it for predictions. In short, the Granville strategy is based on a couple of basic rules that make sure that you:

Have an equal number of high and low numbers

Have an equal number of even and odd numbers

Have an equal number that ends with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

The Tippett Strategy

The Tippett Strategy founded by a statistician named Tippett suggests that a 75-ball bingo game has better odds of the balls drawing closer to 38. Or if it’s shorter, then odds are that numbers vary between 1 and 75. Plainly this is the logic behind Tippett and we are quite sure that it turns out well since players are actively using it and winning.

*  *  *  *

Got everything? Just a reminder: have fun and be cautious at how much you gamble. Play bingo with bingo responsibly. Set your limits and keep in mind that Bitcoin bingo is just for fun. Don’t take it too seriously and may all the odds be on your side.

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