Where Else Can Players Bet Bitcoin in Colombia?


Colombia is poised to be an emerging market in iGaming but the recent massive iGaming blacklist consisting of 325 sites might turn off casino operators.

The Colombian government agency for the country’s information and communications technology is set to block 325 iGaming website domains in the country. This massive iGaming blacklist is a request from the country’s gambling regulatory office.

Among the gambling sites that are on the list are the largest names in the industry. Despite this, there are still many gambling sites that are not part of the list yet.

iGaming blacklist

The blacklist comes after the announcement of a regulatory 19-percent value-added tax to a local player’s deposit. The regulatory office did not follow through with its announcement. Instead, the office looked for a direct licensing agreement with the operators. However, international iGaming brand owners believe the license proposal is too expensive and is hardly worth the price.

Americas Cardroom, BingoSKY, and HappiStar

In this case, the proposed blacklist appears to be the regulatory office’s way to strut its muscles to international operators. Parts of the list are big named operators like Bodog and Bovada. These brands previously announced its intent to extending its market to the Latin American region because of the potential of the market.

Should the blacklist come into effect, the Colombian government might expect a drop in American players. There are many poker players in America that have set Colombia its primary destination due to its allowance of online poker rooms. In a way, Columbia is an escape from a country that is very strict when it comes to iGaming sites. Implementing the blacklist will force a majority of US poker players to find another Latin paradise instead.

The regulating office appears that it does not want to implement the blacklist because of the potential backlash. It does appear that the office is looking for ways to implement a license fee that will force all international iGaming operators to pay in order to run a gambling site in the country.

This blacklist will significantly hamper the potential of Colombia as an emerging market in iGaming.

Gray gambling sites

It is important to note that the blacklist is only an announcement and not yet implemented. It is still up to the ISP to block the domains that are on the list. Should the blacklist take place, operators could find a work around the block such as a changing the domain address. Local players can still enjoy the gambling sites on the list before the blacklist takes place.

On the other hand, there are other websites that are not part of the list. This includes BingoSKY, Americas Cardroom, and Happistar. These gambling sites offer games like Bitcoin blackjack, bingo, poker, and other slots and table games.

BingoSKY offers a comprehensive bingo room that has an incredible amount of features. These features include mini-games within the game room. Americas Cardroom, on the other hand, is one of the best poker room sites that offer many tournaments with high guaranteed payouts.  Meanwhile, HappiStar offers a collection of gambling games that are from the best software providers in the industry.

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