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Ensuring Fairness, Security in Bitcoin Gaming

Cryptocurrency betting promises a safe and reliable gambling environment, but how do casinos and betting sites guarantee security in Bitcoin gaming?

Security of Bitcoin Gaming

Modern technologies paved the way for the rise of revolutionary means to play and gamble over the Internet. The innovations in mobile technology further empower the iGaming industry, reshaping the landscape, if not creating new venues that promote such activity. But the significant developments in these fields also propelled the conception of smarter threats that may jeopardize the growth of online gambling.

Fortunately, groundbreaking security protocols, features, and methods have since then been in use, which in part also promulgates the necessity of protection within the online gaming sector, specifically in the Bitcoin casino niche.

One of the major standouts of Bitcoin gambling is provable fairness, which became a determining factor for players when choosing the Bitcoin casino or betting site. However, is it enough to ensure security or perhaps an intervention of independent and professional certification like the one based on the Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) Standards is needed?

Provably Fair vs GLI Standards

Provably fair vs GLI standards

From the Bitcoin gambling mindset, being able to verify the authenticity of game results is an advantage cryptocurrency gaming has over real-money online betting. Provable fairness, after all, sets the record straight and guarantees stakeholders that no form of game manipulation takes place within the casino.

However, how this verification tool works depends on the programmers or the operators, thereby eliminating the universality of the function. This is the reason Bitcoin casinos that claim that their games are verifiably fair need to explain the process of their provably fair feature.

While this does not impede on the efficiency of the tool, some players still raise questions about the value of the games. This is the part where external certification comes into play.

It is gradually becoming a common scene to find Bitcoin slots, blackjack, and others bearing certifications that they have passed stringent evaluations of professional firms such as GLI.

GLI, which boasts over 25 years testing, inspecting, and certifying gaming products, is active even on the iGaming market, carefully assessing games, software, and systems. But unlike provable fairness, Bitcoin casinos have no say on how the tests will be conducted since they are done independent of the operators and are based on the set GLI Standards.

The tests per se take longer than usual, even taking weeks due to the strict scrutiny of the products being forwarded to the online gambling community. This means the Bitcoin casino software and supplied games on board the betting site must first either satisfy or exceed the standards imposed by GLI.

Safe Bitcoin Gambling

Which is more essential?

It is a fact that the verification tool integrated into the casinos and gambling sites vary from one site to another, but this feature provides bettors with the peace of mind and the capability to manually check the veracity and fairness of the games they place their bitcoins on.

Whereas with external certification like the GLI Standards, the games are guaranteed to have undergone rigorous assessments, passed them, and are proven to deliver safe and quality entertainment. However, players cannot confirm the results with just a few clicks.

For gamblers and operators, prioritizing one over the other will sound trickier than it does since sticking to either of the two will sacrifice certain aspects that fully concretize security in Bitcoin gaming. Thus, it is only rational to include provable fairness to the list of features provided in a Bitcoin casino. Nevertheless, also exposing the games, software, and other services under the eyes of a legit, reputable testing company will solidify the credibility of the casino and the trust of the betting community.

At the end of the day, Bitcoin casinos promoting security through provable fairness and certified games have the upper hand in the race to the top of the list of every crypto bettor around the world.



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