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Esports Players Who Got Caught Cheating

It’s widely known that in the world of esports, there are a lot of winners, and a lot of cheaters.

Of course, just like with everything else, there are some very distinctive legends amongst the crowd of cheaters.

Not only did these people get banned, but also, they remained in a very unpleasant book of history.

If you are an esports and esports betting fan yourself, you might already know these cases by heart, but if you’re just snooping it without any additional knowledge, then welcome to five of the best esports cheaters and cheating scandals.

Red Dead Redemption

This one is not particularly about a player, but about a very interesting policy that Red Dead Redemption online has.

If a player is caught red-handed with cheating, then the makers Rockstar put a little title like “Player Killer”. Anyone who has this very dramatic title has a hard time making friends and participating in the online game.

And believe it or not, this is way worse than a permanent ban. Moreover, it’s more of a ban from the community, then from the game. And that really hurts.

Azubu Frost

History remembers a particular League of Legends World Championship of 2012 where the Koreans Azubu Frost were caught looking at the big opponent screens on the arena.  These screens show where each player is in the game.

When the Korean team got caught, their peeking was fined for 30,000 dollars and it became a huge scandal.

Guild Wars 2 Falling

In Guild Wars 2, an MMO by ArenaNet, one player made the big mistake to cheat his way through the game. A player by the name of Darksider was suspiciously strong and had all kinds of powers, making him unbreakable.

It is said that players reported him a thousand times, before security control took over. They tracked down his account and every other one to his name and did something very peculiar.

Furthermore, they started controlling his character and made him jump off the highest place possible. The avatar fell, died and got banned forever. Of course, some people stated that it was highly unprofessional, but it was truly legendary.

KiD x

A very highly rated Overwatch online player KiD x got banned on a Korean server. The reason was usage of an aimbot. The funny thing is that the ban was recorded on a livestream when the permanent ban hammer came to light.

The game’s developers Blizzard are known for their zero-tolerance policy and once again they proved it.

Apologize to H1Z1

The online game H1Z1 banned a lot of players and thus everyone wanted to make up for their mistakes in some way. So, the developers of the game had an idea that was hilarious. They proposed to those who want to get back into the game, to make a YouTube video. In this video, they have to explain what they did wrong and apologize. Yet, some of them did it.

*  *  *  *

And with this, we bring the article to a close.

Remember that cheating is very wrong and you should consider games as a form of fun and entertainment. Don’t spoil others’ fun with your actions. This can also be one of the points that can be taught to younger players, which is one of the benefits of having esports in schools in relation to kids and young adults.

If you want to learn about successful stories and people, our website has great content on such in online casinos, eSports betting, and sports betting.

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