eSports Propel Bitcoin Gambling to Greater Success

Bitcoin Sports Betting

Bitcoin gambling is no longer constricted to casino games. It has ventured into other markets, covering the popular niches like sports betting, poker, and even financial trading.

While all these combined make the cryptocurrency-ruled gambling sector more mainstream and competitive, there is another market that plays a significant role in the further success of the online gambling niche.

Bitcoin eSports deserves much credit. Banking on the height of the hottest online games of today’s generation—League of Legends, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, StarCraft 2, and many others—several Bitcoin sportsbooks have gradually integrated eSports betting into their platforms.

Not only does this cater to the increasing demand for Bitcoin eSports betting, but it also showcases the potential for the digital currency to be used as an alternative means for online gaming.

Bitcoin eSports Games

Bitcoin on the eSports betting scene

eSports betting functions similarly with the typical sportsbook. It shows a list of matches from local and international events or tournaments and enables bettors to place Bitcoin wagers on the person or team they deem will take the win.

Unlike Bitcoin sports betting, however, eSports offer a higher level of excitement and entertainment unique to the world of online gaming. This makes this gambling activity more attractive, especially to the younger generations immersed in the culture of eSports.

This phenomenon is best exemplified with the increasing number of Bitcoin sports betting websites that now cover these tournaments. OneHash, which initially launched as an online sportsbook for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, has already added eSports to its roster of sports covered. Likewise, has developed a sportsbook platform that has already been made available in its clients like and mBit Casino.

More importantly, VitalBet, dubbed as the official online sportsbook and casino of Manny Pacquiao, forwards a user-friendly eSports betting functionality. In fact, this is further revolutionized by the UltraPlay sportsbook solutions and its newest product, the CS: GO Round by Round betting, which enables Bitcoin players to make bets in real time as compared to pre-match betting.

There are other Bitcoin gambling websites that are embracing this fad, and it would not be a surprise if the majority of these online venues—or at least online sportsbooks—will feature eSports betting as part of the services they offer.


Bitcoin as form of rewards

While the idea of Bitcoin used as wagers for eSports betting continues to gain ground, the digital currency takes on another function that still promotes its presence on the eSports scene.

Through websites like Leet, online gamers can play their favorite skill-based Bitcoin games online and earn Bitcoin rewards each time they kill their opponents. The prizes vary depending on the outcome of each round, but the core idea is that players use Bitcoin to play in order to win the digital currency.

To some, this setup is more attractive since it allows gamers to play and earn at the same time. Regardless of the differences, though, there is no denying that Bitcoin eSports is making huge waves in the cryptocurrency gambling niche, and is even poised to be the dark horse that would push the industry to more success.