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Evolution Land – The Ultimate Asset Management Gaming

Evolution Land is a blockchain-based gaming DApp on the Ethereum network, which simulates asset management, through the acquisition of virtual land and obtaining in-game resources to earn native RING crypto tokens.

Develop Characters, Buy Land and Gain Resources – Evolution Land is Yours

As dApps (Decentralized Applications) gain more popularity ever, various industries are starting to utilize them to attract a dedicated community of users, creating innovative business models with blockchain technology.

The online gaming industry appears to be one, where dApps are starting to achieve these goals by greatly balancing between the entertainment aspect of a game and the economic viability of a business, with how that balance is distributed entirely up to the particular user. This symbiosis is unique in that it delivers to players both the fun factor and financial incentive to engage with a particular DApp game.

Evolution Land Atlantis

Blockchain-based dApps are highly-enjoyable, especially when they offer strategic asset management gaming and one the most promising ones right now looks to be Evolution Land.

Simulating how societies interact in real life, Evolution Land offers a huge variety of player actions and scenarios. From selecting a unique apostle (game character), purchasing land and obtaining resources to leading battles for land to ultimately acquiring game-native crypto tokens of value, Evolution Land is set to deliver an engaging and exciting experience.

The World of Evolution Land

The fundamental game scenario of Evolution Land revolves around a simulation of a planet like Earth, where players’ main goal is to progress by acquiring land, developing their in-game characters, termed apostles, and obtain the native token, called RING, through extracting resources in each piece of land. These resources are Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Silicon and will be combined in various proportions to create more complex goods, which are still in development.

Apostles are characterized with specific traits, stemming from their genes and talents, which allow them to advance with various professions – warriors, doctors, musicians and others are planned to be rolled out as the game develops. These characters can also breed when compatible with each other to create offspring, who inherits their qualities and evolves new ones in cases. Each land comes with a predefined amount of resources available to gain, with the level of difficulty increasing as resources get scarcer, so to uphold basic economic principles and achieve sustainability.

Land Ownership and Game Economics – the Essence of Evolution Land

Land is acquired with the native RING token, based on the Ethereum network. Evolution Land plans to feature 26 continents, which will consist of almost 65000 separate lands, available for acquisition to individual players. Each continent is to support a different, leading cryptocurrency. Currently, the two existing continents – Atlantis and Byzantine support Ethereum and Tron respectively. Lands are color-specified according to their availability and state.

Evolution Land

Gringotts serves as the financial portal in Evolution Land. Players are able to acquire the native RING cryptocurrency through it, with which they acquire land and apostles. Evolution Land also employs an advanced interest model, where the game pays out dividends to players willing to deposit RING tokens in the Gringotts bank for a chosen time period. As in real life, the longer the deposit time period, the bigger the payout in the game’s KTON cryptocurrency tokens. KTONs are paramount in Evolution Land, as only players possessing them are allowed to suggest and vote on game developments. This is another exciting part of Evolution Land – User-Created Content. Put simply, it is all down to the engaged community to propose and elect how the game develops on both a conceptual and featuring level

As mentioned earlier KTON and User-Generated Content are fundamental in Evolution Land’s philosophy. This “opens the door” for various usages of the application. Once a specific land is acquired, owners are free to attach an image over it and present an enterprise of theirs. Some will enjoy the application purely for the gaming factor, others will engage in mining the native token for the financial incentive provided in the application, while third ones use Evolution Land to gain exposure by attaching a logo to their acquired piece of land.

As users acquire apostles (game characters), which obtain resources and ultimately multiply with offspring, it is necessary to maintain the economic viability of the game. Apostles are used to mine the resources in the respective piece of land, but since resources are limited, the population amount must be controlled – too many characters will quickly deplete a piece of land’s resources, rendering game continuation meaningless. To counter that Evolution Land features the so-called “plague”, which “kills” apostles. There is a huge variety of available apostles, each with a distinguished set of characteristic features. Some are well-suited to create a generation, while others are more appropriate to mine resources.

Apostles’ longevity mostly amounts to a year, with three different development stages. At one point they will be best for mining resources and at another to create the next generation. Ultimately at one point, game characters will begin to fade, losing qualities and afterwards, set to “die”.

Game-users are able to acquire a “magic potion”, which prolongs their apostles’ lives at a cost. Here the game becomes really interesting, as it employs the economic Herberger taxation model. Put simply, players have the ability to set the financial value of their apostle, according to their qualities and how valuable they perceive it to be. This is developed with the idea, that too low prices will make an apostle far too easily obtainable and too expensive apostle will require an overly costly price to keep “working”.

What the Future Holds for Evolution Land

There is a myriad of features in Evolution Land, both existing and under development, and the game promises to deliver a thrilling experience to both online gaming enthusiasts and those committed to blockchain technology and mining the native RING crypto-token. The development plans include the integration of the native Darwinia cross-chain platform, which will allow for the seamless transaction of digital currency assets over the 26 different continents, each one supporting a distinct one.




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