Evolution’s Casino Hold’em Now with Progressive Jackpot

Evolution Gaming adds a progressive jackpot feature to its live Casino Hold’em. The feature is the Jumbo 7 Jackpot and will have an initial €1 million in its pot.

This is good news for those who play Evolution’s live dealer games across many Bitcoin casinos. The jackpot feature might find itself in other titles from the company.

Jumbo 7 feature

The Casino Hold’em game with the Jumbo 7 feature essentially has a prize pool that keeps growing as more people place bets on the new jackpot side bet. This is slightly different from other games that have progressive jackpot. Progressive slots, for example, will increase the jackpot prize amount every time a player spins the reels.

Evolution Gaming adds Jumbo 7 feature to Casino Hold’em

Progressive jackpot features have two characteristics.  These jackpots usually have a very high prize amount. Many progressive jackpots regularly have a prize amount that reaches millions. On the same subject, Evolution Gaming will get the ball rolling with its Jumbo 7 feature by having the €1 million as its initial prize.

The other characteristic of a progressive jackpot is its difficulty in triggering the feature. The Jumbo 7 in the Casino Hold’em is no exception.

To get the full prize, a player will need to get a straight flush with seven cards. For anyone not familiar with Texas hold’em poker rules, this is a very rare hand to make. Players usually create a poker hand from five cards among his two hole cards and five community cards.

The jackpot requires a player to have two hole cards and five community cards that have the same suite as well as create a numbered sequence.

More games from Evolution Gaming

The new feature makes playing the Casino Hold’em game more exciting. Todd Haushalter, chief product officer of Evolution Gaming, said:

“By Evolution contributing the whole €1,000,000 to start the jackpot, it is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to operators and players. With the player volumes we see on Casino Hold’em, this could potentially grow to be bigger than all of the online progressive slots combined. That means it could grow to in excess of €30 million, which will put it in contention to be the biggest jackpot in the history of table games or slots. That sort of money makes playing the game a lot more fun, and that is our mission with this jackpot version of Casino Hold’em.”

But other than the updated game, Evolution Gaming offers more titles that are available in different casinos.

Players who are looking to take a crack at getting a seven card straight to win the progressive jackpot should check out some Bitcoin Casinos that has Evolution Gaming library. One example is the newly launched Joo Casino, which happens to have the Casino Hold’em game. Another is Bitstarz, but more casino operators will soon have the option to include the Jumbo 7 feature to Evolution’s game.