Exciting Feature Stars in Microgaming’s Exclusive Sidewinder Slot

Online casino game supplier Microgaming has released Sidewinder, its newest slot offering a notable feature. The new game is a three-reel, five-row, 243-way slot developed by games studio Just For The Win exclusively for Microgaming.

Sidewinder features a couple of additional three-row horizontal reels. These reels are similar to a standard reel but are flipped horizontally and are spun to the right.

David Reynolds, games publisher at Microgaming, said:

“Sidewinder is a game changing feature that enhances both wins and ways with horizontal wild reels to expand players’ chances of scoring wild rewards. It’s an engaging new release developed by Just For The Win, with a straightforward mechanic that is guaranteed to level up gameplay for new and experienced players.”

Tiger Holmgren, chief product officer at Just For The Win, added:

“Sidewinder is the first game in the Just For The Win Casino Suite range, a suite designed to give players a premium casino experience with vibrant graphics and thrilling features. Sidewinder is an action packed game that fits well into the casino style setting by delivering excitement and massive win potential.”

Sidewinder’s horizontal reels could provide more ways for players to win huge prizes. One of these reels increases the winning ways to 576. Meanwhile, both of the special reels, when activated, push the winning ways up to 1,125. However, the bettors must first activate the reels through a number of symbols.

Activate Special Sidewinder Reels

Two of these symbols are the Top and Bottom Wilds. Similar to the game’s standard Wild symbol, Top and Bottom Wilds substitute for any symbol except for Free Spins symbols. In addition, these three types of Wilds are the only symbols to appear on the special reels. The difference lies in the arrows exhibited by the two Wilds mentioned earlier.

Pointing upward, the Top Wild triggers the upper horizontal reel to spin. This kind of symbol can only appear on the bottom horizontal reel, as well as the second row of the main reel.

Inversely, the Bottom Wild trigger points downward and activates the lower horizontal reel to life. Like a mirror to the Top Wild, the reel would be triggered only if Bottom Wild would show itself on the fourth row and anywhere on the upper wheel.

Free Spins symbols—represented by the Sidewinder logo—can also trigger the special reels. If two of these symbols land anywhere on the second or fourth row, both horizontal reels will be activated. Similarly, entering the Free Spins mode with three or more Free Spins symbols guarantees the service of both special reels over the course of the mini-game.

Players can then win big by activating some of the combinations using the two horizontal reels, the biggest of which being expanding Wilds. During free spins, a whole row on the main slot could become Wilds if a pair of regular Wild symbols on both upper and lower horizontal reels occupy the same row.

Bettors can start placing their wagers on Sidewinder through Microgaming’s casino partners and affiliates.

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